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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Management and Recycling: MultipleRecycling could be used at waste and recycling centers to sort trash according to its material classes, making it easier to recycle and manage waste effectively and efficiently.

  2. Public Education: The model could be utilized to develop an educational app helping individuals to learn about the different types of trash and how to appropriately dispose of or recycle them, promoting environmental sustainability.

  3. Smart Dustbins: The model could be implemented in 'smart dustbins' in both urban and rural areas, allowing them to identify the type of waste being thrown away and sorting them accordingly, thereby incentivizing recycling and reducing contamination of different waste types.

  4. Industrial Sorting: Companies producing large scales of waste could use the MultiTrash model to automate their waste sorting, making the process more efficient and reducing the resource required.

  5. Beach Cleanup: This model can assist in identifying and categorizing waste during beach clean-up activities, ensuring waste is effectively sorted for recycling or correct disposal, aiding the preservation of marine ecosystems.

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aluminum biowaste cardboard egg shell facemask food food wrapper fruit peels glass glass bottle metal paper paper container pet bottle plastic plastic bag plastic bottle plastic container plastic sachet plastic straw rubber shoe slipper styrofoam treeleaves uht carton vegetable peels wastecloth wrapper

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