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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart City Parking Management: Use batch_8 to analyze street parking images and provide real-time information about available and restricted parking spots. This can help users find legal parking spaces more efficiently, reducing traffic congestion and illegal parking incidents.

  2. Parking Enforcement: Integrate batch_8 into traffic cameras or mobile parking enforcement applications to automatically flag vehicles parked in unauthorized areas such as fire hydrants, yellow curbs, red curbs, white curbs, or blocking entrances and alleys. This can save time and resources for parking enforcement officers.

  3. Navigation Apps Integration: Incorporate batch_8 into navigation apps to offer users optimized parking options based on their destination. By identifying available parking spots nearby and avoiding restricted areas, users can park more easily and safely.

  4. Urban Planning and Infrastructure Analysis: Utilize batch_8 to analyze and gather data on parking usage patterns, the prevalence of restricted parking areas, and the distribution of parking spaces within a city. This information can be valuable for urban planners to make data-driven decisions on parking regulations, infrastructure improvements, or transportation policies.

  5. Assisted Driving Systems: Integrate batch_8 into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to enhance parking assistance features. By recognizing various parking spot types and restrictions, the system can not only guide drivers towards open spots but also ensure compliance with local parking regulations.

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