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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Parking Assistance: This computer vision model can be integrated into a smart parking app, assisting drivers in identifying and navigating to valid parking spots in real time while avoiding invalid spots marked by yellow curbs, red curbs, blue curbs, entrances, and fire hydrants.

  2. Traffic Enforcement Automation: The model can be used by traffic authorities to enforce parking regulations more effectively by automating the process of identifying illegally parked vehicles in prohibited zones (e.g., yellow curbs, red curbs, fire hydrant areas, entrances, and handicapped spots), subsequently issuing fines or warnings to offending vehicle owners.

  3. Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development: City planners can utilize the model to analyze parking availability and efficiency in various areas of the city, collecting data on occupied and unoccupied parking spots. This information can be used to improve parking infrastructure and optimize the location of new parking spaces to better serve the community.

  4. Accessibility Enforcement: The model can help ensure that handicapped-designated parking spaces remain available for those who truly need them. By identifying improper use of such spaces or improper markings limiting accessibility, the model assists in maintaining fairness and accessibility in parking services.

  5. Parking Demand Analysis: Businesses can use the model to assess the parking demand around their establishment in different times of the day or week. By understanding parking patterns and occupancy, business owners can adjust their operating hours, offer parking promotions or create partnerships with nearby parking operators, improving customer satisfaction and potentially increasing revenue.

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