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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Parking Management System: Utilize batch_16 to analyze parking lots or on-street parking in real-time, informing drivers about available parking spaces (Spot-1, Spot-2, Spot-3, Spot-4), while avoiding invalid and restricted areas (entrances, fire hydrants, curbs, etc.).

  2. Parking Enforcement and Monitoring: Implement batch_16 in city-wide surveillance systems to identify and flag illegally parked vehicles or violations around fire hydrants, red/yellow/green/white curbs, bus stops, and handicapped spots, allowing law enforcement to act swiftly.

  3. Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development: Use batch_16 to analyze parking data and understand how parking spaces are utilized in different neighborhoods, helping planners design better parking solutions and improve overall traffic flow.

  4. Navigation and Maps Applications: Integrate batch_16 into mapping apps to provide accurate, real-time information about available parking spots and restrictions at the users' destinations, enhancing overall driving and parking experiences.

  5. Assisted Parking Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles: Employ batch_16 to support self-parking features in autonomous cars, enabling them to identify and safely navigate to valid parking spots while avoiding restricted areas, optimizing convenience for passengers.

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Firehydrant Invalidspot-Busstop Invalidspot-Entrance Invalidspot-FireHydrant Invalidspot-Greencurb Invalidspot-Handicapped Invalidspot-Redcurb Invalidspot-Whitecurb Invalidspot-Yellowcurb Spot-1 Spot-2 Spot-3 Spot-4