food ingredients

foods ingredients

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foods ingredients Computer Vision Project


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Object Detection




Anchovy Bok choy Bracken Button_mushroom_b Egg_b Eggplant_b Green_onion_b King trumpet mushroom Manila clam Onion_b Paprika Paprika_b Paprika_c Paprika_d Pepper_b Potato_b Pumpkin Radish_b Sausage Shiitake_b Shrimp_b Tomato_b bean sprouts beef bellflowerroot broccoli burdock button mushroom cabbage carrot chicken chives cucumber cucumber_b dried shrimp dumpling egg eggplant enoki mushroom garlic garlic_b ginger green onion ham jukini jukini_b kimchi lettuce mackerel mussel napa cabbage onion oyster mushroom pepper perilla leaves pork potato radish salmon shepherd's purse shiitake shrimp small octopus squid sweetpotato tahu tomato watercress

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