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Traffic signs

Object Detection

Traffic signs Computer Vision Project


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Final year

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Object Detection



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Ahead Only Beware of Ice-Snow Bicycles Crossing Bumpy Road Children Crossing Dangerous Left Curve Dangerous Right Curve Double Curve End of All Speed and Passing Limits End of Speed Limit 80km-h End of no passing End of no passing by vechiles over 3-5 metric tons General Caution Go straight or left Go straight or right Keep Right Keep left No Entry No Passing No passing for Vechiles over 3-5 metric tons No vechiles Pedestrians Priority Road Right on Next Intersection Road Narrows on Right Road Work Roundabout mandatory Slippery Road Speed Limit 100km-h Speed Limit 120km-h Speed Limit 20km-h Speed Limit 30km-h Speed Limit 50km-h Speed Limit 60km-h Speed Limit 70km-h Speed Limit 80km-h Stop Traffic Signals Turn Left Ahead Turn Right Ahead Vechiles over 3-5 metric tons prohibited Wild Animals Crossing Yield