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enes mercan

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a year ago

Project Type

Object Detection




"capacitor jumper" CJ1, "capacitor jumper" CJ2, "component text" "-309 LL6", "component text" "0 N", "component text" "0001 5293 170A", "component text" "021 LDBM N389", "component text" "0833 LTC2274 UJ BT267910", "component text" "085811 B4T EHCR", "component text" "0N 5C", "component text" "1 2 3 4", "component text" "1 2", "component text" "100 CFK 7BD", "component text" "100 CFK- 7BD", "component text" "100 VFK- 87", "component text" "100 VFK- 8R7", "component text" "106C 43JJ2", "component text" "107A 938H4", "component text" "12-000", "component text" "15 203", "component text" "150 CFK- 0C7", "component text" "150 CFK-0C7", "component text" "16 105", "component text" "2 G", "component text" "2-2uH 141ANC", "component text" "2-2uH 1514NC", "component text" "203 8700 DKG", "component text" "22-16L A0 2", "component text" "2306KE TDA 5", "component text" "24-0C73", "component text" "24LC1281 8Ne30840 UDB", "component text" "25P32V6G 78565 VS PHL 4144", "component text" "25P32V6P 78646 V5 PHL 110", "component text" "25Q03213 E4O0222A", "component text" "25Q064A 13E40 e4 99 CHN 6044316LJ4", "component text" "25Q128A 13E40 e4 60 CHN G060311R53", "component text" "3 Y", "component text" "311 325 B330A", "component text" "337G 90201", "component text" "430-0030-01 0D 211430704700", "component text" "47 25S- T85", "component text" "476A 939J2", "component text" "4JH12 D9MDR", "component text" "5HK77 D9PTK", "component text" "6 M", "component text" "687 6K 206", "component text" "7506 1215", "component text" "93C4681 SNe31478 4H7", "component text" "ABL0 L548", "component text" "ABLQ L548", "component text" "ADUM2401 CRWZ -0847 1559234-1", "component text" "AEL19-2 0316", "component text" "ALTERA Cyclone V 5CEBA4U15C8N F CABAU1337A KOREA NABAU303013 301FA3DOB", "component text" "B4AC L698", "component text" "BROADCOM BCM2837RIFBG TN1545 P11 552641-31 N3 W", "component text" "BU2 GP541", "component text" "CTD23CB3 100M0000 1331 313", "component text" "CX104BB 30- 000M TCY1151", "component text" "CX104BB 50- 000M TCY1121", "component text" "CY7C68013A- 100AXC TWN0625 B 04 636397", "component text" "DAV88 808V0", "component text" "E10 242", "component text" "ELPIDA 88132B4PB-90-F 16020R15300", "component text" "EN5322 E02BSC", "component text" "EN5335QI E01MD U140", "component text" "EPCQ32M Q245A", "component text" "FCC ID: NKRM14A2A Made In China", "component text" "FCCID: QV5MERCURY6E IC: 5407-MERCURY6E", "component text" "FL128SA1F00 440QQ014 A 11 SPANSION", "component text" "FM22LD16-55-BG G 615811 1619 TWN", "component text" "FTDI FT2232D 1313-", "component text" "HY911130A 1550", "component text" "KS245 19K04 CK6Z", "component text" "L9", "component text" "LTBRZ 1F24 e3", "component text" "LTDQP 0HB2 e3", "component text" "MADE IN CHINA", "component text" "MAXIM MAX2837 ETM 509 8SY03AK", "component text" "MAXIM MAX5864 ETM 405 BQGT1AA", "component text" "MCC 5K22", "component text" "MK64FN1M0VLL12 1N83J QCTDA1545A", "component text" "NXP LPC4320FBD144 SC3N9 04 9SD15070C", "component text" "O N O J", "component text" "O N", "component text" "PN:MYS-7Z020-C SN:MM0302533", "component text" "Port 1", "component text" "Port 2", "component text" "Port 3", "component text" "Port 4", "component text" "R12-0 OUSJ", "component text" "R50 0 D5L", "component text" "R50-0 D6L", "component text" "RJ9 117-5", "component text" "RN5322 E00TEC H623", "component text" "S15351 BMF020 1452", "component text" "SMSC LAN951-JZX B1538-A1B17 538468A STA-SG", "component text" "ST e4", "component text" "T250 Mm3F", "component text" "T250 VU4T", "component text" "TAIWAN TGG579 00-00", "component text" "TDK-LAMBDA OC1R5-1205SR-E MADE IN JAPAN 8Z10", "component text" "ThingMagic A DIVISION OF TRIMBLE M6e", "component text" "WNC Model: M14A2A P-N: 60M14A21-DG1 S-N: G1XDG28000ACJ01 IMEI: 014666000031718", "component text" "XILINX ARTIXTM-7 XC7A100TTM FTG256ABX1449 D5040414A 1C TAIWAN TAH495-00-00", "component text" "XILINX ATRIX-7", "component text" "XILINX SPARTAN XC3S400TM TQG144EGQ0825 S3604562A 4C", "component text" "XILINX SPARTAN-6 XC6SLX45TM CSG324DIV1705 D5363994A 2C TAIWAN", "component text" "XILINX SPARTAN-6 XC6SLX45TM FGG484CIV1145 D4317773A 2C TAIWAN", "component text" "XILINX VIRTEXTM-5 XC5VLX30TM FFG324FGU1113 D4230227A 1C TAIWAN", "component text" "XILINX XC2C64A VQG100AMS1201 F4339159A 7C", "component text" "XILINX ZYNQTM XC7Z010TM CLG400ACX1525 D5083242A 1C TAIWAN NKG404 00-00", "component text" "XILINX ZYNQTM XC7Z020TM CL6400ACX1517 05061945A 1C TAIWAN NKB822 00-00", "component text" "YF08E T1 63K A6QN", "component text" +, "component text" 0, "component text" 000, "component text" 00183E022769, "component text" 06Y, "component text" 1, "component text" 101, "component text" 102, "component text" 103, "component text" 1200, "component text" 151, "component text" 152, "component text" 15375, "component text" 159, "component text" 1601130, "component text" 161728, "component text" 195, "component text" 2, "component text" 202, "component text" 220, "component text" 222, "component text" 22R, "component text" 241, "component text" 270, "component text" 271, "component text" 2R2, "component text" 3, "component text" 302282A, "component text" 308, "component text" 330, "component text" 3592, "component text" 391, "component text" 3R3, "component text" 4, "component text" 40115A, "component text" 4020, "component text" 472, "component text" 474, "component text" 4R7, "component text" 505Y, "component text" 510, "component text" 51R0, "component text" 560, "component text" 610, "component text" 68X, "component text" 78, "component text" 798, "component text" 810, "component text" 820, "component text" 828, "component text" A060C3C, "component text" A7W58, "component text" ABD, "component text" B79, "component text" BK5LF, "component text" BU, "component text" BUA, "component text" C7F, "component text" C7K, "component text" C8K, "component text" C8k, "component text" F03, "component text" F20A, "component text" FTDI, "component text" H, "component text" I, "component text" L9, "component text" M, "component text" MXJ, "component text" O, "component text" R047, "component text" R10F, "component text" SC, "component text" T82C, "component text" TCR, "component text" UDE, "component text" XCD8, "component text" x10, "electrolytic capacitor" C1, "electrolytic capacitor" C10, "electrolytic capacitor" C13, "electrolytic capacitor" C16, "electrolytic capacitor" C160, "electrolytic capacitor" C163, "electrolytic capacitor" C164, "electrolytic capacitor" C178, "electrolytic capacitor" C26, "electrolytic capacitor" C263, "electrolytic capacitor" C31, "electrolytic capacitor" C311, "electrolytic capacitor" C32, "electrolytic capacitor" C33, "electrolytic capacitor" C34, "electrolytic capacitor" C35, "electrolytic capacitor" C36, "electrolytic capacitor" C41, "electrolytic capacitor" C42, "electrolytic capacitor" C43, "electrolytic capacitor" C5, "electrolytic capacitor" C52, "electrolytic capacitor" C6, "electrolytic capacitor" C62, "electrolytic capacitor" C7, "electrolytic capacitor" C9, "electrolytic capacitor" C93, "electrolytic capacitor" C94, "electrolytic capacitor" C95, "electrolytic capacitor" C99, "electrolytic capacitor" unknown, "emi filter" EM1, "emi filter" EM2, "emi filter" EM3, "emi filter" EM4, "emi filter" EM5, "ferrite bead" FB1, "ferrite bead" FB10, "ferrite bead" FB17, "ferrite bead" FB18, "ferrite bead" FB2, "ferrite bead" FB20, "ferrite bead" FB24, "ferrite bead" FB3, "ferrite bead" FB4, "ferrite bead" FB5, "ferrite bead" FB6, "ferrite bead" FB7, "ferrite bead" FB8, "ferrite bead" FB9, "resistor jumper" JT7, "resistor jumper" RJ1, "resistor network" "R-MAT1", "resistor network" "R-MAT2", "resistor network" RM1, "resistor network" RM2, "resistor network" RM3, "resistor network" RM4, "resistor network" RM5, "resistor network" RM6, "resistor network" RN1, "resistor network" RP2, "resistor network" unknown, "test point" "GND_PIN", "test point" 1, "test point" 10, "test point" 11, "test point" 12, "test point" 13, "test point" 14, "test point" 15, "test point" 16, "test point" 17, "test point" 18, "test point" 19, "test point" 2, "test point" 20, "test point" 21, "test point" 22, "test point" 23, "test point" 24, "test point" 25, "test point" 26, "test point" 27, "test point" 28, "test point" 29, "test point" 3, "test point" 30, "test point" 31, "test point" 32, "test point" 33, "test point" 34, "test point" 35, "test point" 36, "test point" 37, "test point" 38, "test point" 39, "test point" 4, "test point" 40, "test point" 41, "test point" 42, "test point" 43, "test point" 44, "test point" 45, "test point" 46, "test point" 47, "test point" 48, "test point" 5, "test point" 6, "test point" 7, "test point" 8, "test point" 9, "test point" J1, "test point" J10, "test point" J11, "test point" P1, "test point" P2, "test point" P3, "test point" P4, "test point" PP1, "test point" PP10, "test point" PP11, "test point" PP12, "test point" PP13, "test point" PP2, "test point" PP20, "test point" PP21, "test point" PP22, "test point" PP23, "test point" PP24, "test point" PP25, "test point" PP26, "test point" PP27, "test point" PP28, "test point" PP3, "test point" PP35, "test point" PP36, "test point" PP39, "test point" PP4, "test point" PP40, "test point" PP41, "test point" PP42, "test point" PP43, "test point" PP44, "test point" PP45, "test point" PP46, "test point" PP47, "test point" PP48, "test point" PP49, "test point" PP5, "test point" PP50, "test point" PP51, "test point" PP52, "test point" PP53, "test point" PP54, "test point" PP55, "test point" PP56, "test point" PP57, "test point" PP58, "test point" PP59, "test point" PP6, "test point" PP60, "test point" PP7, "test point" PP8, "test point" PP9, "test point" TP1, "test point" TP10, "test point" TP11, "test point" TP12, "test point" TP13, "test point" TP14, "test point" TP15, "test point" TP16, "test point" TP17, "test point" TP2, "test point" TP23, "test point" TP24, "test point" TP25, "test point" TP3, "test point" TP4, "test point" TP5, "test point" TP6, "test point" TP7, "test point" TP8, "test point" TP9, "test point" TPG1, "test point" TPG2, "test point" TPG3, "test point" TPG4, "test point" UNKNOWN, "test point" UNKNOWN-, "test point" XJ1, "test point" XJ2, "test point" unknown, "zener diode" DA1, "zener diode" DA2, "zener diode" Z1, "zener diode" Z2, button BTN0, button BTN1, button BTN2, button BTN3, button BTN4, button BTN5, button BTN6, button BTN7, button BUT1, button BUT2, button DFU, button K0, button K1, button K2, button K3, button K4, button K5, button K6, button K7, button PROG, button RESET, button SW1, button SW2, button SW3, buzzer M1, capacitor 1V5, capacitor 3V3, capacitor 5V0, capacitor C1, capacitor C10, capacitor C100, capacitor C101, capacitor C102, capacitor C103, capacitor C104, capacitor C105, capacitor C106, capacitor C107, capacitor C108, capacitor C109, capacitor C11, capacitor C110, capacitor C111, capacitor C112, capacitor C113, capacitor C114, capacitor C116, capacitor C117, capacitor C118, capacitor C119, capacitor C12, capacitor C120, capacitor C121, capacitor C122, capacitor C123, capacitor C124, capacitor C125, capacitor C126, capacitor C128, capacitor C129, capacitor C13, capacitor C130, capacitor C131, capacitor C132, capacitor C133, capacitor C134, capacitor C135, capacitor C136, capacitor C137, capacitor C138, capacitor C139, capacitor C14, capacitor C140, capacitor C141, capacitor C142, capacitor C143, capacitor C144, capacitor C145, capacitor C146, capacitor C147, capacitor C148, capacitor C149, capacitor C15, capacitor C150, capacitor C151, capacitor C152, capacitor C153, capacitor C154, capacitor C155, capacitor C156, capacitor C157, capacitor C158, capacitor C159, capacitor C16, capacitor C160, capacitor C161, capacitor C162, capacitor C163, capacitor C164, capacitor C165, capacitor C166, capacitor C167, capacitor C168, capacitor C169, capacitor C17, capacitor C170, capacitor C171, capacitor C172, capacitor C173, capacitor C174, capacitor C175, capacitor C176, capacitor C177, capacitor C178, capacitor C179, capacitor C18, capacitor C180, capacitor C181, capacitor C182, capacitor C183, capacitor C184, capacitor C185, capacitor C186, capacitor C187, capacitor C188, capacitor C189, capacitor C19, capacitor C190, capacitor C191, capacitor C192, capacitor C193, capacitor C194, capacitor C195, capacitor C196, capacitor C197, capacitor C198, capacitor C199, capacitor C2, capacitor C20, capacitor C200, capacitor C201, capacitor C202, capacitor C203, capacitor C204, capacitor C205, capacitor C206, capacitor C207, capacitor C208, capacitor C209, capacitor C21, capacitor C210, capacitor C211, capacitor C212, capacitor C213, capacitor C214, capacitor C215, capacitor C216, capacitor C217, capacitor C218, capacitor C219, capacitor C22, capacitor C220, capacitor C221, capacitor C222, capacitor C224, capacitor C226, capacitor C227, capacitor C228, capacitor C229, capacitor C23, capacitor C230, capacitor C231, capacitor C233, capacitor C235, capacitor C237, capacitor C238, capacitor C239, capacitor C24, capacitor C240, capacitor C241, capacitor C243, capacitor C245, capacitor C246, capacitor C248, capacitor C25, capacitor C252, capacitor C255, capacitor C256, capacitor C258, capacitor C259, capacitor C26, capacitor C27, capacitor C28, capacitor C29, capacitor C296, capacitor C3, capacitor C30, capacitor C306, capacitor C31, capacitor C32, capacitor C321, capacitor C33, capacitor C339, capacitor C34, capacitor C35, capacitor C36, capacitor C37, capacitor C38, capacitor C39, capacitor C4, capacitor C40, capacitor C41, capacitor C42, capacitor C43, capacitor C44, capacitor C45, capacitor C46, capacitor C47, capacitor C48, capacitor C49, capacitor C5, capacitor C50, capacitor C51, capacitor C53, capacitor C54, capacitor C55, capacitor C56, capacitor C57, capacitor C58, capacitor C59, capacitor C6, capacitor C60, capacitor C61, capacitor C62, capacitor C63, capacitor C64, capacitor C65, capacitor C66, capacitor C67, capacitor C68, capacitor C7, capacitor C70, capacitor C71, capacitor C72, capacitor C73, capacitor C74, capacitor C75, capacitor C76, capacitor C77, capacitor C78, capacitor C79, capacitor C8, capacitor C80, capacitor C81, capacitor C82, capacitor C83, capacitor C84, capacitor C85, capacitor C86, capacitor C87, capacitor C88, capacitor C89, capacitor C9, capacitor C90, capacitor C91, capacitor C92, capacitor C93, capacitor C94, capacitor C95, capacitor C96, capacitor C97, capacitor C98, capacitor C99, capacitor CA7, capacitor FC1, capacitor FC10, capacitor FC11, capacitor FC12, capacitor FC13, capacitor FC14, capacitor FC15, capacitor FC16, capacitor FC17, capacitor FC18, capacitor FC19, capacitor FC2, capacitor FC21, capacitor FC22, capacitor FC23, capacitor FC24, capacitor FC26, capacitor FC27, capacitor FC28, capacitor FC29, capacitor FC3, capacitor FC30, capacitor FC31, capacitor FC32, capacitor FC33, capacitor FC34, capacitor FC35, capacitor FC36, capacitor FC37, capacitor FC38, capacitor FC39, capacitor FC4, capacitor FC40, capacitor FC41, capacitor FC42, capacitor FC44, capacitor FC5, capacitor FC6, capacitor FC7, capacitor FC8, capacitor FC9, capacitor NA, capacitor PC1, capacitor UNKNOWN, capacitor Vrough, capacitor c12, capacitor unknown, clock NA, clock Q1, clock U21, clock U22, clock U4, clock U8, clock X1, clock X2, clock XTAL1, clock Y1, clock Y2, clock Y3, clock unknown, connector "+5V", connector "J1_2", connector "J2_2", connector "J3_2", connector "J4_2", connector "J5-J7", connector "PE1-PE0", connector "Port 1", connector "Port 2", connector "Port 3", connector "Port 4", connector A1, connector A2, connector B1, connector CN1, connector CN2, connector CN3, connector CN4, connector CN5, connector CN6, connector CN7, connector CNA, connector CNB, connector CON1, connector CON2, connector CON3, connector HDMI, connector IC8, connector ICSP, connector ISP10, connector ISP6, connector J1, connector J10, connector J11, connector J12, connector J13, connector J14, connector J15, connector J16, connector J17, connector J18, connector J19, connector J199, connector J2, connector J20, connector J21, connector J22, connector J23, connector J24, connector J25, connector J26, connector J27, connector J3, connector J4, connector J5, connector J6, connector J7, connector J8, connector J9, connector JA, connector JB, connector JC, connector JD, connector JE, connector JF, connector JN, connector JP1, connector JP2, connector JP4, connector JP5, connector JP6, connector JP7, connector JTAG, connector JX1, connector JX2, connector NA, connector P1, connector P20, connector P25, connector P26, connector P28, connector P29, connector P3, connector P30, connector P36, connector P4, connector P5, connector P8, connector P9, connector PS2, connector RUN, connector SWD, connector TP1, connector TP2, connector TP3, connector TPG1, connector TSTJ1, connector U2, connector UART0, connector UART1, connector UEXT, connector UNKNOWN, connector USB, connector VCC, connector X1, connector X2, connector X3, connector X4, connector X5, connector unknown, diode "+D1", diode D1, diode D10, diode D11, diode D12, diode D14, diode D15, diode D16, diode D17, diode D2, diode D21, diode D23, diode D27, diode D3, diode D31, diode D32, diode D33, diode D35, diode D4, diode D5, diode D6, diode D7, diode D8, diode D9, diode TVS1, diode TVS2, diode TVS3, diode unknown, display DSP1, fuse F1, fuse unknown, ic "MK64FN1M0VLL12 IN83J QCTDA1545A", ic "VR1(3-3V)", ic 1, ic FPGA, ic IC1, ic IC11, ic IC12, ic IC14, ic IC19, ic IC2, ic IC21, ic IC25, ic IC3, ic IC4, ic IC5, ic IC6, ic IC7, ic IC8, ic IC9, ic K20, ic NA, ic TP1, ic TP2, ic U1, ic U10, ic U11, ic U12, ic U13, ic U14, ic U15, ic U16, ic U17, ic U18, ic U19, ic U2, ic U20, ic U21, ic U3, ic U4, ic U40, ic U43, ic U44, ic U46, ic U5, ic U6, ic U7, ic U8, ic U9, ic UNKNOWN, ic fpga, ic unknown, inductor F1, inductor F2, inductor L1, inductor L2, inductor L3, inductor L4, inductor L5, inductor L6, inductor L7, inductor L8, inductor L9, jumper "BLD_E", jumper J1, jumper J10, jumper J13, jumper J17, jumper J21, jumper J25, jumper J5, jumper J8, jumper JP1, jumper JP2, jumper JP5, jumper JP7, jumper M0, jumper M1, jumper M2, jumper NA, jumper PD2, jumper PD3, jumper PS2, jumper unknown, led 1V8, led 3V3, led ACT, led D1, led D12, led D13, led D2, led D25, led D29, led D30, led D34, led D7, led DONE, led DS1, led DS2, led DS3, led DS5, led DS6, led L, led L0, led L1, led L2, led L3, led L4, led L5, led L6, led L7, led L8, led L9, led LD0, led LD1, led LD10, led LD11, led LD2, led LD3, led LD4, led LD5, led LD6, led LD7, led LD8, led LD9, led LED0, led LED1, led LED2, led LED3, led LED4, led LED5, led LED6, led LED7, led ON, led PWR, led RF, led RX, led TX, led USB, led USBC, pads "3-3V_CORE_E", pads "3-3V_IO_E", pads "RESET-EN", pads C10, pads C11, pads C115, pads C12, pads C127, pads C13, pads C130, pads C136, pads C139, pads C143, pads C156, pads C169, pads C211, pads C212, pads C217, pads C218, pads C26, pads C30, pads C31, pads C33, pads C36, pads C37, pads C38, pads C39, pads C40, pads C44, pads C48, pads C5, pads C50, pads C52, pads C53, pads C54, pads C55, pads C6, pads C65, pads C66, pads C69, pads C7, pads C8, pads C86, pads C87, pads C88, pads C89, pads C9, pads D11, pads D13, pads D4, pads ENDSTOPS, pads FB25, pads I2C, pads J13, pads J5, pads J6, pads L10, pads L3, pads R1, pads R10, pads R11, pads R115, pads R13, pads R14, pads R140, pads R151, pads R16, pads R17, pads R175, pads R176, pads R177, pads R178, pads R18, pads R181, pads R189, pads R19, pads R213, pads R22, pads R23, pads R233, pads R27, pads R28, pads R3, pads R31, pads R32, pads R33, pads R34, pads R36, pads R38, pads R39, pads R40, pads R42, pads R44, pads R48, pads R49, pads R5, pads R51, pads R52, pads R53, pads R55, pads R56, pads R58, pads R59, pads R6, pads R63, pads R64, pads R65, pads R67, pads R69, pads R7, pads R70, pads R72, pads R75, pads R77, pads R78, pads R8, pads R82, pads R86, pads R87, pads R9, pads R97, pads R98, pads R99, pads RC1, pads SW1, pads U10, pads U11, pads U18, pads U23, pads U3, pads UART, pads unknown, pins CN2, pins J2, pins J3, pins J4, pins M1, pins M2, pins M3, pins M4, pins M5, pins NA, pins unknown, resistor C126, resistor J1, resistor NA, resistor R1, resistor R10, resistor R101, resistor R103, resistor R104, resistor R105, resistor R107, resistor R108, resistor R109, resistor R11, resistor R113, resistor R114, resistor R116, resistor R117, resistor R118, resistor R119, resistor R12, resistor R122, resistor R123, resistor R13, resistor R134, resistor R14, resistor R142, resistor R147, resistor R148, resistor R149, resistor R15, resistor R156, resistor R157, resistor R159, resistor R16, resistor R161, resistor R162, resistor R163, resistor R169, resistor R17, resistor R170, resistor R172, resistor R173, resistor R174, resistor R175, resistor R176, resistor R177, resistor R178, resistor R179, resistor R18, resistor R180, resistor R182, resistor R183, resistor R19, resistor R190, resistor R191, resistor R192, resistor R195, resistor R199, resistor R2, resistor R20, resistor R200, resistor R203, resistor R204, resistor R205, resistor R206, resistor R207, resistor R208, resistor R209, resistor R21, resistor R214, resistor R215, resistor R216, resistor R217, resistor R218, resistor R219, resistor R22, resistor R220, resistor R221, resistor R222, resistor R223, resistor R225, resistor R226, resistor R227, resistor R228, resistor R229, resistor R23, resistor R230, resistor R231, resistor R232, resistor R235, resistor R236, resistor R238, resistor R239, resistor R24, resistor R240, resistor R241, resistor R242, resistor R243, resistor R244, resistor R245, resistor R246, resistor R247, resistor R248, resistor R249, resistor R25, resistor R250, resistor R251, resistor R252, resistor R253, resistor R254, resistor R255, resistor R256, resistor R257, resistor R258, resistor R259, resistor R26, resistor R260, resistor R261, resistor R262, resistor R263, resistor R264, resistor R265, resistor R266, resistor R267, resistor R268, resistor R269, resistor R27, resistor R270, resistor R271, resistor R28, resistor R283, resistor R29, resistor R292, resistor R295, resistor R3, resistor R30, resistor R31, resistor R32, resistor R33, resistor R34, resistor R35, resistor R36, resistor R37, resistor R38, resistor R39, resistor R4, resistor R40, resistor R41, resistor R43, resistor R44, resistor R45, resistor R46, resistor R47, resistor R48, resistor R49, resistor R5, resistor R50, resistor R51, resistor R52, resistor R53, resistor R54, resistor R55, resistor R56, resistor R57, resistor R58, resistor R59, resistor R6, resistor R60, resistor R61, resistor R62, resistor R63, resistor R64, resistor R65, resistor R66, resistor R67, resistor R68, resistor R69, resistor R7, resistor R70, resistor R71, resistor R72, resistor R73, resistor R74, resistor R75, resistor R76, resistor R77, resistor R78, resistor R79, resistor R8, resistor R80, resistor R81, resistor R82, resistor R83, resistor R84, resistor R85, resistor R86, resistor R87, resistor R88, resistor R89, resistor R9, resistor R90, resistor R91, resistor R92, resistor R93, resistor R94, resistor R95, resistor R96, resistor R97, resistor R98, resistor R99, resistor UNKNOWN, resistor unknown, switch DSW1, switch SW0, switch SW1, switch SW2, switch SW3, switch SW4, switch SW5, switch SW6, switch SW7, switch U20, text "(BLUE=R11)", text "(C)", text "(D9,GCLK4)", text "(E14)", text "(F13)", text "(G13)", text "(GREEN=T12)", text "(HSYNC=R9)", text "(K12)", text "(L12)", text "(N12)", text "(N14)", text "(N15)", text "(N16)", text "(P11)", text "(P12)", text "(P13)", text "(P14)", text "(P15)", text "(P16)", text "(PS20=M15", text "(PS2C=M16)", text "(Press for HI)", text "(R16)", text "(RED=R12)", text "(RXD-A=N10)", text "(TXD-A=T14)", text "(VSYNC=T10)", text "+3V", text "+5V", text "+D1", text "-+-", text "---", text "-12V-", text "-3-3V-", text "-6403-", text "-AIN-", text "-CML OUT-", text "-CNA-", text "-CNB-", text "-DN-", text "-DONE-", text "-ENC IN-", text "-GND-", text "-GNDA-", text "-GNDB-", text "-JTAG-", text "-N-", text "-P-", text "-PW-", text "-V5A-", text "0--P2-4", text "04-03", text "09 16", text "1000M_NET", text "2 109", text "2-4-3-4", text "2-5-3-5", text "3-08V", text "3-3V", text "3-3V_CORE_E", text "3-3V_IO_E", text "3-3v", text "38049A-Y501", text "400-0033", text "4x100n", text "5V DC ONLY!", text "5V ONLY", text "5V SELECT", text "5V", text "5V-DC", text "5V_IMON", text "7-15V", text "88 94V-0", text "94V-0", text "94V-0F1", text "AC 23", text "ACM-109", text "ACM-109A", text "ADD JMPER TO J18", text "AN0(D14)", text "AN1(G14)", text "AN2(F14)", text "AN3(E13)", text "ANALOG DEVICES", text "ANALOG IN", text "ARDUINO-CC", text "ASSEMBLED IN USA", text "BANK2_AUX", text "BBT OK", text "BLD_E", text "BOARD MEGA", text "BTN0(M13)", text "BTN0(R18)", text "BTN1(M14)", text "BTN1(P16)", text "BTN2(L13)", text "BTN2(V16)", text "BTN3(L14)", text "BTN3(Y16)", text "Big FET In", text "CK_RST", text "CS-P0-16", text "CTISL-IT USB", text "Cable Bypass", text "Copyright 2004", text "D+-P2-5", text "DEFAULT: All jumpers loaded", text "DIR1-P0-5", text "DIR2-P0-11", text "DIR3-P0-20", text "DIR4-P0-22", text "DIR5-P2-13", text "Do not throw away_symbol", text "ELECTRONICS PLATFORM", text "EN1-P0-4", text "EN2-P0-10", text "EN3-P0-19", text "EN4-P0-21", text "EN5-P4-29", text "FCC ID: 2ABCB-RPI32", text "FX2-100", text "Flash Read", text "GND_PIN", text "GREAT SCOTT GADGETS", text "HDMI I-O", text "HPH OUT", text "HUMANDATA XCM-019B", text "HUMANDATA XCM-307A", text "HackRF One", text "IC: 20953-RPI32", text "INS 7", text "J1_2", text "J2_2", text "J3_2", text "J4_2", text "JP2_R2", text "Jumper Storage", text "KCE MC1", text "LD0(M14)", text "LD1(M15)", text "LD2(G14)", text "LD3(D18)", text "LED+", text "LED1-P1-18", text "LED2-P1-19", text "LED3-P1-20", text "LED4-P1-21", text "LINE IN", text "LPC JTAG", text "LPC-P1xxx", text "LPC_ISP", text "LTC2274 ADC", text "Large FETs", text "MEGA2560 R3", text "MIC IN", text "MICRO SD CARD", text "MISO-P0-17", text "MODEL 2560", text "MOSI-P0-18", text "Made in the UK", text "Memory By ISSI", text "Micro_SD", text "Mixed FETs (VBB Input)", text "OC-OK 2", text "OPEN-SOURCE PROTOTYPING", text "O_B", text "P0_1", text "P0_10", text "P0_11", text "P0_2", text "P0_3", text "P0_4", text "P0_5", text "P0_6", text "P0_7", text "P0_8", text "P0_9", text "P1-22", text "P1-23", text "P1-24", text "P1-25", text "P1-26", text "P1-27", text "P1-28", text "P1-29", text "P1-30", text "P1-31", text "P1_0", text "P1_1", text "P1_10", text "P1_11", text "P1_2", text "P1_3", text "P1_4", text "P1_5", text "P1_6", text "P1_7", text "P1_8", text "P1_9", text "P2-11", text "P2-4", text "P2-5", text "P2-6", text "P2-7", text "P2_0", text "P2_1", text "P2_10", text "P2_11", text "P2_2", text "P2_3", text "P2_6", text "P2_7", text "P2_8", text "P2_9", text "P3-25", text "P3-26", text "P36 VA", text "P3_0", text "P3_1", text "P3_2", text "P3_3", text "PE2(XCK0)", text "PE3(OC3B)", text "PE4(OC3B)", text "PE5(OC3C)", text "PE6(T3)", text "PE7(IC3)", text "PLAY-P2-12", text "PLAY_LED-P4-28", text "PS-SRST", text "PWR IN", text "PWR LED", text "Parallel Cable IV JTAG", text "Pin 2", text "Platform Flash", text "Produced BY DIGILENT", text "Q-C- Pass", text "QC-OK 2", text "R-MAT1", text "R-MAT2", text "RESET-EN", text "ROHS COMPLIANT", text "RX-P0-3", text "RX1 19", text "RX2 17", text "RX3 15", text "RXD1-INT2", text "RXD=T13)", text "Raspberry Pi 2015", text "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1-2", text "Raspberry Pi_symbol", text "Rev-B", text "RoHS Compliant", text "SCK-P0-15", text "SCL 21", text "SCL-INTO", text "SCL-P0-1", text "SCL-P0-28", text "SD MICRO", text "SDA 20", text "SDA-INT1", text "SDA-P0-0", text "SDA-P0-27", text "SD_CS-P0-6", text "SD_MISO-P0-8", text "SD_MOSI-P0-9", text "SD_SCK-P0-7", text "SIG 1400017 MEXICO BD-Z7MB-7Z010-G-REV-F02", text "SPARTAN-3", text "SS-1 94V-0", text "SS-3", text "STK128+", text "STP1-P2-0", text "STP2-P2-1", text "STP3-P2-2", text "STP4-P2-3", text "STP5-P2-8", text "SW0(F12)", text "SW0(G15)", text "SW1(G12)", text "SW1(P15)", text "SW2(H14)", text "SW2(W13)", text "SW3(H13)", text "SW3(T16)", text "SW4(J14)", text "SW5(J13)", text "SW6(K14)", text "SW7(K13)", text "Small FET In", text "Small FETs", text "Smoothieboard(tm) v1-1", text "Spartan-3 Starter Board Rev E", text "TH1-P0-23", text "TH2-P0-24", text "TH3-P0-25", text "TH4-P0-26", text "TO REMOVE IMON FROM CIRCUIT", text "TX-P0-2", text "TX1 18", text "TX2 16", text "TX3 14", text "TXD1-INT3", text "TXD=R13)", text "USB OTG", text "USB-RS232", text "USB2-0", text "USB_5", text "USB_D", text "USB_UART", text "UTL-016C", text "UTL-103B", text "User Reset", text "V1-08-2014", text "V5R0_MOD", text "VBB Jumper (3A MAX)", text "VBB Jumper (6A MAX)", text "VR1(3-3V)", text "VU(5V)", text "VUART+", text "V_N", text "V_P", text "WWW-OLIMEX-COM", text "XC3S-TQ144", text "XC5VLX30 - Virtex5", text "XCM-019", text "XP68-04A", text "Z-turn Board", text "Z7MB-7Z0x0-PCB-F", text "ZTEX USB-FPGA Module 1-2", text "`RD", text "`SS", text "`WR", text "designed by Arthur Wold, Triffid_Hunter, Eneiou Logxen, and others with the support of the RepRap community", text "http:--greatscottgadgets-com-hackrf-", text "http:--smoothieware-org-", text "irc:--chat-freenode-net--smoothieware", text "r4-p1", text "www-digilentinc-com", text "www-digitleninc-com", text "www-issi-com", text "www-xilinx-com", text "www-ztex-de", text +, text ,, text -, text 0, text 01, text 0349, text 056, text 0814, text 1, text 10, text 100, text 1004009844, text 1041, text 11, text 1148, text 11p, text 12, text 1208, text 1231, text 13, text 1349, text 14, text 140105, text 15, text 150, text 16, text 1603, text 1637, text 17, text 1720, text 18, text 19, text 1V5, text 1V6, text 1V8, text 2, text 20, text 2013, text 21, text 218261, text 22, text 227, text 2274, text 22u, text 23, text 232RXD1, text 232RXD2, text 232TXD1, text 232TXD2, text 24, text 24LC128SN, text 24MHz, text 25, text 2560, text 26, text 27, text 28, text 29, text 2K2, text 3, text 30, text 3085, text 31, text 32, text 33, text 34, text 35, text 36, text 37, text 38, text 39, text 3R3V, text 3V3, text 3v3, text 4, text 40, text 41, text 42, text 43, text 44, text 45, text 46, text 47, text 48, text 49, text 5, text 50, text 51, text 52, text 53, text 55, text 56, text 5V, text 5V0, text 5v, text 6, text 63, text 64, text 66, text 7, text 75, text 76, text 79, text 8, text 80, text 82, text 9, text 99, text A, text A0, text A1, text A10, text A11, text A12, text A13, text A14, text A15, text A2, text A3, text A4, text A5, text A6, text A7, text A7W58, text A8, text A9, text ACCEL, text ACT, text AD0, text AD1, text AD14, text AD15, text AD2, text AD3, text AD4, text AD5, text AD6, text AD7, text ADC0, text ADC1, text ADC2, text ADC3, text ADC4, text ADC6, text ADC7, text AIN0, text AIN1, text ALE, text ANTENNA, text ARDUINO, text AREF, text ARTY, text ASW, text AUTO, text AVCC, text AVNET, text Ae, text B, text B1, text BAT, text BOT, text BT, text BTN0, text BTN1, text BTN2, text BTN3, text BTN5, text BTN6, text BTN7, text BUN2716012428, text BUT1, text BUT2, text C, text C1, text C10, text C100, text C101, text C102, text C103, text C104, text C105, text C106, text C107, text C108, text C109, text C11, text C110, text C111, text C112, text C113, text C114, text C115, text C116, text C117, text C118, text C119, text C12, text C120, text C121, text C122, text C123, text C124, text C125, text C126, text C127, text C128, text C129, text C13, text C130, text C131, text C132, text C133, text C134, text C135, text C136, text C137, text C138, text C139, text C14, text C140, text C141, text C142, text C143, text C144, text C145, text C145C146, text C146, text C147, text C148, text C149, text C15, text C150, text C151, text C152, text C153, text C154, text C155, text C156, text C157, text C158, text C159, text C16, text C160, text C161, text C162, text C163, text C164, text C165, text C166, text C167, text C168, text C169, text C17, text C170, text C171, text C172, text C173, text C174, text C175, text C176, text C177, text C178, text C179, text C18, text C180, text C181, text C182, text C183, text C184, text C185, text C186, text C187, text C188, text C189, text C19, text C190, text C191, text C192, text C193, text C194, text C195, text C196, text C197, text C198, text C199, text C2, text C20, text C200, text C201, text C202, text C203, text C204, text C205, text C206, text C207, text C208, text C209, text C21, text C210, text C211, text C212, text C213, text C214, text C215, text C216, text C217, text C218, text C219, text C22, text C220, text C221, text C222, text C224, text C226, text C228, text C229, text C23, text C230, text C231, text C233, text C235, text C237, text C238, text C239, text C24, text C240, text C241, text C243, text C245, text C246, text C248, text C25, text C252, text C255, text C256, text C258, text C259, text C26, text C263, text C27, text C28, text C29, text C296, text C3, text C30, text C306, text C31, text C311, text C32, text C33, text C339, text C34, text C35, text C36, text C37, text C38, text C39, text C4, text C40, text C41, text C42, text C43, text C44, text C45, text C46, text C47, text C48, text C49, text C5, text C50, text C51, text C52, text C53, text C54, text C55, text C56, text C57, text C58, text C59, text C6, text C60, text C61, text C62, text C63, text C64, text C65, text C66, text C67, text C68, text C69, text C7, text C70, text C71, text C72, text C73, text C74, text C75, text C76, text C77, text C78, text C79, text C8, text C80, text C81, text C82, text C83, text C84, text C85, text C86, text C87, text C88, text C89, text C9, text C90, text C91, text C92, text C93, text C94, text C95, text C96, text C97, text C98, text C99, text CA7, text CAMERA, text CAN, text CE, text CJ1, text CJ2, text CN1, text CN2, text CN3, text CN4, text CN5, text CN6, text CN7, text CNA, text CNB, text COMMUNICATION, text CON1, text CON2, text CON3, text CVBUS, text D, text D1, text D10, text D11, text D12, text D13, text D14, text D15, text D16, text D2, text D21, text D23, text D25, text D27, text D29, text D3, text D30, text D31, text D32, text D33, text D34, text D35, text D4, text D5, text D6, text D7, text D8, text D9, text DA1, text DA2, text DEVKIT, text DFU, text DIGILENT, text DIGITAL, text DISPLAY, text DONE, text DS1, text DS2, text DS3, text DS5, text DS6, text DSP1, text DSW1, text Default, text Disable, text Diversity, text E5, text EM1, text EM2, text EM3, text EM4, text EM5, text ENDSTOPS, text ET, text ETH, text F1, text F2, text F81, text FB1, text FB10, text FB17, text FB18, text FB2, text FB20, text FB24, text FB25, text FB3, text FB4, text FB5, text FB6, text FB7, text FB8, text FB9, text FC1, text FC10, text FC11, text FC12, text FC13, text FC14, text FC15, text FC16, text FC17, text FC18, text FC19, text FC2, text FC21, text FC22, text FC24, text FC26, text FC27, text FC28, text FC29, text FC3, text FC30, text FC31, text FC32, text FC33, text FC34, text FC35, text FC36, text FC37, text FC38, text FC39, text FC4, text FC40, text FC41, text FC42, text FC44, text FC5, text FC6, text FC7, text FC8, text FC9, text FCC, text FPGA, text FR000001, text FR8, text FRDM, text G, text GCK0, text GND, text GOIO2, text GPIO, text GPIO1, text GPIO2, text GPIO3, text GPIO4, text H, text HDMI, text HI, text HOST, text HUMANDATA, text I2C, text IC1, text IC11, text IC12, text IC14, text IC19, text IC2, text IC21, text IC25, text IC3, text IC4, text IC5, text IC6, text IC7, text IC8, text IC9, text ICSP, text IN, text INT1, text INT2, text INT4, text INT5, text INT6, text INT7, text IO0, text IO1, text IO10, text IO11, text IO12, text IO13, text IO2, text IO26, text IO27, text IO28, text IO29, text IO3, text IO30, text IO31, text IO32, text IO33, text IO34, text IO35, text IO36, text IO37, text IO38, text IO39, text IO4, text IO40, text IO5, text IO6, text IO7, text IO8, text IO9, text IOREF, text ISP, text ISP10, text ISP6, text J1, text J10, text J11, text J12, text J13, text J14, text J15, text J16, text J17, text J18, text J19, text J199, text J2, text J20, text J21, text J22, text J23, text J24, text J25, text J26, text J27, text J3, text J4, text J5, text J6, text J7, text J8, text J9, text JA, text JB, text JC, text JD, text JE, text JF, text JN, text JP1, text JP2, text JP4, text JP5, text JP6, text JP7, text JTAG, text JX1, text JX2, text K0, text K1, text K2, text K20, text K3, text K4, text K5, text K6, text K64, text K64F, text K7, text L, text L0, text L1, text L10, text L2, text L3, text L4, text L5, text L6, text L7, text L8, text L9, text LD0, text LD1, text LD10, text LD11, text LD2, text LD3, text LD4, text LD5, text LD6, text LD7, text LD8, text LD9, text LED0, text LED1, text LED2, text LED3, text LED4, text LED5, text LED6, text LED7, text LINK, text LO, text LOGO, text LTC, text M0, text M1, text M2, text M3, text M4, text M5, text MEGA, text MIO50, text MIO51, text MIO7, text MISO, text MO, text MODE, text MOSI, text MR2A16A, text MSEL1, text MYiR, text NC, text OC0, text OC1A, text OC1B, text OC1C, text OFF, text OLIMEX, text ON, text OSHW, text OUT, text P0244, text P1, text P2, text P20, text P25, text P26, text P28, text P29, text P3, text P4, text P5, text P8, text P9, text PA0, text PA1, text PA2, text PA3, text PA4, text PA5, text PA6, text PA7, text PAGU13039A0, text PB0, text PB1, text PB2, text PB3, text PB4, text PB5, text PB6, text PB7, text PC0, text PC1, text PC2, text PC3, text PC4, text PC5, text PC6, text PC7, text PD0, text PD1, text PD2, text PD3, text PD4, text PD5, text PD6, text PD7, text PE0, text PE1, text PEN, text PF0, text PF1, text PF2, text PF3, text PF4, text PF5, text PF6, text PF7, text PG0, text PG1, text PG2, text PG3, text PG4, text PGOOD, text PHY, text PLL, text POT6, text POT7, text POT8, text POWER, text PP1, text PP10, text PP11, text PP12, text PP13, text PP2, text PP20, text PP21, text PP22, text PP23, text PP24, text PP25, text PP26, text PP27, text PP28, text PP3, text PP30, text PP35, text PP36, text PP39, text PP4, text PP40, text PP41, text PP42, text PP43, text PP44, text PP45, text PP46, text PP47, text PP48, text PP49, text PP5, text PP50, text PP51, text PP52, text PP53, text PP54, text PP55, text PP56, text PP57, text PP58, text PP59, text PP6, text PP60, text PP7, text PP8, text PP9, text PROG, text PROGB, text PS2, text PWM, text PWR, text Primary, text Q1, text Q2, text Q3, text Q4, text Q5, text Q6, text Q7, text Q8, text QSPI, text R, text R1, text R10, text R101, text R103, text R104, text R105, text R107, text R108, text R109, text R11, text R114, text R116, text R117, text R118, text R119, text R12, text R122, text R123, text R126, text R13, text R134, text R14, text R140, text R142, text R147, text R148, text R149, text R15, text R151, text R156, text R157, text R159, text R16, text R161, text R162, text R163, text R169, text R17, text R170, text R172, text R173, text R174, text R175, text R176, text R177, text R178, text R179, text R18, text R180, text R181, text R182, text R183, text R189, text R19, text R190, text R191, text R192, text R195, text R199, text R2, text R20, text R200, text R203, text R204, text R205, text R207, text R208, text R209, text R21, text R213, text R214, text R215, text R216, text R217, text R218, text R219, text R22, text R220, text R221, text R222, text R223, text R224, text R225, text R226, text R227, text R228, text R229, text R23, text R230, text R231, text R232, text R233, text R234, text R235, text R236, text R238, text R239, text R24, text R240, text R241, text R242, text R243, text R244, text R245, text R246, text R247, text R248, text R249, text R25, text R250, text R251, text R252, text R253, text R254, text R255, text R256, text R257, text R258, text R259, text R26, text R260, text R261, text R262, text R263, text R264, text R265, text R266, text R267, text R268, text R269, text R27, text R270, text R271, text R28, text R283, text R29, text R292, text R295, text R3, text R30, text R31, text R32, text R33, text R34, text R35, text R36, text R37, text R38, text R39, text R4, text R40, text R41, text R42, text R43, text R44, text R45, text R46, text R47, text R48, text R49, text R5, text R50, text R51, text R52, text R53, text R54, text R55, text R56, text R57, text R58, text R59, text R6, text R60, text R61, text R62, text R63, text R64, text R65, text R66, text R67, text R68, text R69, text R7, text R70, text R71, text R72, text R73, text R74, text R75, text R76, text R77, text R78, text R79, text R8, text R80, text R81, text R82, text R83, text R84, text R85, text R86, text R87, text R88, text R89, text R9, text R90, text R91, text R92, text R93, text R94, text R95, text R96, text R97, text R98, text R99, text RC1, text REG, text RESET, text RF, text RGB, text RJ1, text RJ45, text RM1, text RM2, text RM3, text RM4, text RM5, text RM6, text RN1, text RP2, text RS232RX, text RS232TX, text RST, text RUN, text RX, text RX0, text RXD0, text Reset, text SCK, text SCL, text SD, text SDA, text SH1, text SHTDW, text SHU, text SJ1, text SJ2, text SPI, text STK644, text SW0, text SW1, text SW2, text SW3, text SW4, text SW6, text SW7, text T, text T1, text T2, text TCK, text TDI, text TDO, text TM, text TMS, text TOSC1, text TOSC2, text TP1, text TP10, text TP11, text TP12, text TP13, text TP14, text TP15, text TP16, text TP17, text TP2, text TP23, text TP24, text TP25, text TP3, text TP4, text TP5, text TP6, text TP7, text TP8, text TP9, text TP99, text TPG1, text TPG2, text TPG3, text TPG4, text TRIANGLE, text TSTJ1, text TV51, text TVS2, text TVS3, text TX, text TX0, text TXD0, text U1, text U10, text U11, text U12, text U13, text U14, text U15, text U16, text U17, text U18, text U19, text U2, text U20, text U21, text U22, text U23, text U2C, text U3, text U4, text U40, text U43, text U44, text U46, text U5, text U6, text U7, text U8, text U9, text UART, text UART0, text UART1, text UEXT, text USB, text USBC, text USB_OTG, text USR, text V, text VAUX, text VBB, text VCC, text VDO, text VGA, text VIN, text VIRTEX5, text VU5V0, text Vin, text Vrough, text WALL, text WN, text X1, text X1012, text X2, text X3, text X4, text X5, text XADC, text XCK1, text XGND, text XILINX, text XJ1, text XJ2, text XTAL1, text XTAL2, text XVREF, text Y1, text Y2, text Y20, text Y3, text Z1, text Z2, text Z3, text Z4, text Z5, text ZYBO, text triangle, text uSD, transistor Q1, transistor Q2, transistor Q3, transistor Q4, transistor Q5, transistor Q6, transistor Q7, transistor Q8, transistor T1, transistor UNKNOWN, unknown, unknown EM1, unknown L1, unknown L2, unknown L3, unknown L4, unknown NA, unknown U1, unknown U15, unknown U16, unknown U18, unknown U4, unknown U5, unknown U6, unknown UNKNOWN, unknown UNLABELED, unknown Z3, unknown Z4, unknown Z5, unknown unknown


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