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enes mercan

Last Updated

a year ago

Project Type

Object Detection




"component text" "1 2", "component text" "16 105", "component text" "2 G", "component text" "233 834DA", "component text" "25R03213 E400222A", "component text" "3 J", "component text" "47 25S- T85", "component text" "93AA66CI SN 1103 DE0", "component text" "ALTERA Cyclone V 5CEBA4F23C8N F BABAU1337A TAIWAN NABAU303016 301FA3T0A", "component text" "ALTERA Cyclone V 5CEBA4U15C8N F CABAU1337A KOREA NABAU303013 301FA3DOB", "component text" "DAV88 808V0", "component text" "EN5322 E020MC H337", "component text" "EN5322 E02BSC", "component text" "EN5336QI E02CN U330", "component text" "EPCQ32M Q245A", "component text" "FCC ID: NKRM14A2A Made In China", "component text" "FTDI 1238-C D6LNL-1 FT2232HL", "component text" "MCC 5K22", "component text" "MR2A1BAMA35 UCTCT8R13198", "component text" "O N", "component text" "RJ9 117-5", "component text" "WNC Model: M14A2A P-N: 60M14A21-DG1 S-N: G1XDG28000ACJ01 IMEI: 014666000031718", "component text" "YF08E T1 63K A6QN", "component text" 000, "component text" 102, "component text" 103, "component text" 152, "component text" 220, "component text" 302282A, "component text" 470, "component text" 472, "component text" 505Y, "component text" x10, "diode zener array" DA1, "diode zener array" DA2, "diode zener array" DA3, "electrolytic capacitor" unknown, "emi filter" EM1, "emi filter" EM2, "emi filter" EM3, "emi filter" EM4, "emi filter" EM5, "emi filter" EM6, "emi filter" EM7, "resistor jumper" RJ1, "resistor network" RM1, "resistor network" RM2, "resistor network" RM3, "resistor network" RM4, "resistor network" RM5, "resistor network" RM6, "resistor network" RM7, "resistor network" RM8, "resistor network" RM9, "resistor network" unknown, "test point" P1, "test point" P2, "test point" TP1, "test point" TP3, "test point" TP4, "test point" TPG, "test point" TPG1, "test point" unknown, "zener diode" Z1, "zener diode" Z2, button RESET, button SW1, capacitor C1, capacitor C10, capacitor C11, capacitor C12, capacitor C13, capacitor C14, capacitor C15, capacitor C16, capacitor C17, capacitor C18, capacitor C19, capacitor C2, capacitor C20, capacitor C21, capacitor C22, capacitor C23, capacitor C24, capacitor C25, capacitor C26, capacitor C27, capacitor C28, capacitor C29, capacitor C3, capacitor C30, capacitor C31, capacitor C32, capacitor C33, capacitor C34, capacitor C35, capacitor C36, capacitor C37, capacitor C38, capacitor C39, capacitor C4, capacitor C40, capacitor C41, capacitor C42, capacitor C43, capacitor C44, capacitor C45, capacitor C46, capacitor C47, capacitor C48, capacitor C49, capacitor C5, capacitor C50, capacitor C51, capacitor C52, capacitor C53, capacitor C6, capacitor C7, capacitor C8, capacitor C9, capacitor unknown, clock U4, clock unknown, connector "J1_2", connector "J2_2", connector "J3_2", connector "J4_2", connector CN1, connector CN2, connector CNA, connector CNB, connector ICSP, connector J10, connector J11, connector J5, connector J6, connector J7, connector J8, connector J9, connector JP2, connector TP1, connector TP2, connector TP3, connector TSTJ1, connector X1, connector X2, connector X3, connector X4, connector X5, connector unknown, diode D1, diode D2, diode D3, diode TVS1, diode TVS2, diode TVS3, diode unknown, fuse unknown, ic F1, ic FPGA, ic TP1, ic TP2, ic U1, ic U10, ic U11, ic U12, ic U13, ic U14, ic U15, ic U16, ic U17, ic U18, ic U19, ic U2, ic U20, ic U21, ic U22, ic U23, ic U24, ic U25, ic U26, ic U27, ic U28, ic U29, ic U3, ic U30, ic U31, ic U32, ic U33, ic U4, ic U5, ic U6, ic U7, ic U8, ic U9, ic Y1, ic unknown, inductor L1, inductor L2, jumper JP1, jumper JP2, led L, led L1, led L2, led L3, led L4, led L5, led L6, led LED1, led ON, led RX, led TX, pads "RESET-EN", pads C10, pads C26, pads C37, pads C5, pads C6, pads C7, pads C8, pads D1, pads D4, pads EM8, pads ENDSTOPS, pads I2C, pads R1, pads R10, pads R16, pads R19, pads R22, pads R23, pads R27, pads R28, pads R31, pads R32, pads R33, pads R34, pads R36, pads R5, pads U10, pads U11, pads UART, pads unknown, pins CN2, pins M1, pins M2, pins M3, pins M4, pins M5, pins unknown, res, resistor R1, resistor R10, resistor R11, resistor R12, resistor R13, resistor R14, resistor R15, resistor R16, resistor R17, resistor R18, resistor R19, resistor R2, resistor R20, resistor R21, resistor R22, resistor R23, resistor R24, resistor R25, resistor R26, resistor R27, resistor R28, resistor R29, resistor R3, resistor R30, resistor R31, resistor R32, resistor R35, resistor R36, resistor R37, resistor R38, resistor R39, resistor R4, resistor R40, resistor R41, resistor R42, resistor R43, resistor R44, resistor R45, resistor R46, resistor R5, resistor R6, resistor R7, resistor R8, resistor R9, resistor unknown, switch SW1, switch SW2, text "-CNA-", text "-CNB-", text "-DN-", text "-GND-", text "-JTAG-", text "-PW-", text "09 16", text "3-3V", text "3-3v", text "5V", text "5V-DC", text "ACM-027A", text "ACM-109", text "ACM-109A", text "ANALOG IN", text "ARDUINO-CC", text "ASSEMBLED IN USA", text "BOARD MEGA", text "Big FET In", text "CS-P0-16", text "CTISL-IT USB", text "DIR1-P0-5", text "DIR2-P0-11", text "DIR3-P0-20", text "DIR4-P0-22", text "DIR5-P2-13", text "EDA-008-ACM-027", text "EDA-008A", text "ELECTRONICS PLATFORM", text "EN1-P0-4", text "EN2-P0-10", text "EN3-P0-19", text "EN4-P0-21", text "EN5-P4-29", text "HI-SPEED", text "J1_2", text "J2_2", text "J3_2", text "J4_2", text "JP2_R2", text "LED+", text "LED1-P1-18", text "LED2-P1-19", text "LED3-P1-20", text "LED4-P1-21", text "Large FETs", text "MEGA2560 R3", text "MISO-P0-17", text "MODEL 2560", text "MOSI-P0-18", text "Mixed FETs (VBB Input)", text "OPEN-SOURCE PROTOTYPING", text "Osaka Japan", text "P1-22", text "P1-23", text "P1-24", text "P1-25", text "P1-26", text "P1-27", text "P1-28", text "P1-29", text "P1-30", text "P1-31", text "P2-11", text "P2-4", text "P2-5", text "P2-6", text "P2-7", text "P3-25", text "P3-26", text "PLAY-P2-12", text "PLAY_LED-P4-28", text "RESET-EN", text "ROHS COMPLIANT", text "RX-P0-3", text "RX1 19", text "RX2 17", text "RX3 15", text "SCK-P0-15", text "SCL 21", text "SCL-P0-1", text "SCL-P0-28", text "SDA 20", text "SDA-P0-0", text "SDA-P0-27", text "SD_CS-P0-6", text "SD_MISO-P0-8", text "SD_MOSI-P0-9", text "SD_SCK-P0-7", text "SS-1 94V-0", text "STP1-P2-0", text "STP2-P2-1", text "STP3-P2-2", text "STP4-P2-3", text "STP5-P2-8", text "Small FET In", text "Small FETs", text "Smoothieboard(tm) v1-1", text "TH1-P0-23", text "TH2-P0-24", text "TH3-P0-25", text "TH4-P0-26", text "TX-P0-2", text "TX1 18", text "TX2 16", text "TX3 14", text "USB2-0", text "VBB Jumper (3A MAX)", text "VBB Jumper (6A MAX)", text "VUART+", text "designed by Arthur Wold, Triffid_Hunter, Eneiou Logxen, and others with the support of the RepRap community", text "http:--smoothieware-org-", text "irc:--chat-freenode-net--smoothieware", text +, text -, text 0, text 0349, text 1, text 10, text 1004009844, text 11, text 12, text 13, text 1349, text 1352, text 2, text 218261, text 22, text 24, text 2560, text 26, text 28, text 3, text 30, text 31, text 32, text 33, text 34, text 35, text 36, text 37, text 38, text 39, text 3v3, text 4, text 40, text 41, text 42, text 43, text 44, text 45, text 46, text 47, text 48, text 49, text 5, text 50, text 51, text 52, text 53, text 5V, text 5v, text 6, text 66, text 7, text 79, text 8, text 80, text 9, text A0, text A1, text A10, text A11, text A12, text A13, text A14, text A15, text A2, text A3, text A4, text A5, text A7, text A8, text A9, text ARDUINO, text AREF, text ASW, text AVNET, text BUN2716012428, text C1, text C10, text C11, text C12, text C13, text C14, text C15, text C16, text C17, text C18, text C19, text C2, text C20, text C21, text C22, text C23, text C24, text C25, text C26, text C27, text C28, text C29, text C3, text C30, text C31, text C32, text C33, text C34, text C35, text C36, text C37, text C38, text C39, text C4, text C40, text C41, text C42, text C43, text C44, text C45, text C47, text C48, text C49, text C5, text C50, text C51, text C52, text C53, text C6, text C7, text C8, text C9, text CE, text CN1, text CN2, text CNA, text CNB, text COMMUNICATION, text D1, text D2, text D3, text D4, text DA1, text DA2, text DA3, text DIGITAL, text Diversity, text EM1, text EM2, text EM3, text EM4, text EM5, text EM6, text EM7, text EM8, text ENDSTOPS, text FCC, text FPGA, text FR000001, text GND, text HUMANDATA, text I2C, text ICSP, text IN, text IOREF, text ISP, text J10, text J11, text J5, text J6, text J7, text J8, text J9, text JP1, text JP2, text L, text L1, text L2, text L3, text L4, text L5, text L6, text LED1, text M1, text M2, text M3, text M4, text M5, text MEGA, text MSEL1, text ON, text OSHW, text P1, text P2, text POT6, text POT7, text POT8, text POWER, text PS1, text PWM, text Primary, text Q1, text Q2, text Q3, text R, text R1, text R10, text R11, text R12, text R13, text R14, text R15, text R16, text R17, text R18, text R19, text R2, text R20, text R21, text R22, text R23, text R24, text R25, text R26, text R27, text R28, text R29, text R3, text R30, text R31, text R32, text R33, text R34, text R35, text R36, text R37, text R38, text R39, text R4, text R40, text R41, text R42, text R43, text R44, text R45, text R46, text R5, text R6, text R7, text R8, text R9, text RESET, text RJ1, text RM1, text RM2, text RM3, text RM4, text RM5, text RM6, text RM7, text RM8, text RST, text RX, text RX0, text Reset, text SJ1, text SJ2, text SK1, text SK2, text SK3, text SW1, text SW2, text TM, text TP1, text TP2, text TP3, text TP4, text TPG, text TPG1, text TSTJ1, text TV51, text TVS2, text TVS3, text TX, text TX0, text U1, text U10, text U11, text U12, text U13, text U14, text U15, text U16, text U17, text U18, text U19, text U2, text U20, text U21, text U22, text U23, text U24, text U25, text U26, text U27, text U28, text U29, text U3, text U30, text U31, text U33, text U4, text U5, text U6, text U7, text U8, text U9, text UART, text VBB, text Vin, text X1, text X2, text X3, text X4, text X5, text Y1, text Z1, text Z2, text Z3, text Z4, text Z5, text triangle, transistor Q1, transistor Q2, transistor Q3, unknown PS1, unknown SK1, unknown SK2, unknown SK3, unknown Z3, unknown Z4, unknown Z5


CC BY 4.0

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