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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Use Case: Vehicle Mileage Verification
    Applications like used car trading platforms or insurance companies can utilize the model to verify the real mileage of a vehicle simply by analyzing the images of car odometers uploaded by sellers or clients. This helps to prevent odometer fraud and assist in achieving fair trades or claims.

  2. Use Case: Automotive Maintenance Tracking
    Garages, car rental, and fleet companies can use this model to automate tracking the maintenance schedule of their fleet. By aligning the identified mileage with the car's maintenance record, it can predict when the next service is due.

  3. Use Case: Telematics and Transportation Analysis
    Transportation research and analysis companies can use it to gather and analyze data on real-time vehicle usage and distances travelled without requiring manual data collection.

  4. Use Case: Environmental Impact Studies
    Environmental agencies or researchers can use this model to estimate the carbon emissions of vehicles, based on their mileage, to understand the environmental footprint.

  5. Use Case: Automotive History Reports
    Companies offering vehicle history reports can use this model to analyze the odometer pictures included in the report, which allows them to provide more accurate and comprehensive data about the car's previous usage to potential customers or other interested parties.

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