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Object Detection




Ahead only Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit;tilt:A Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit;tilt:B Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit;tilt:B;twist:D Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit;tilt:C Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit;tiltB Bicycle lane Bicycles prohibited Bicycles prohibited;dirt:D;sticker:D;tilt:C;paint:D Bus stop Children crossing;paint:a Children crossing;sticker:A;paint:A;dirt:A;tilt:A Closed to all vehicles (both directions) Dead end street Designated for charging of electric vehicles;tilt:B End of 30km/h zone End of cycles and mopeds zone End of lane End of zone with 30km/h speed limit;tilt:A Environmental zone General caution General caution:tilt:B General caution;tilt:B Give way;sticker:B Give way;tilt:A Give way;tilt:C Give way;twist:B Go straight Instruction to drive ahead only;tilt:C Keep right Keep right;paint:B;dirt:B Keep right;tilt:A Left Mopeds not allowed;tIlt:B No entry No entry in this direction for vehicles No entry in this direction for vehicles;tilt:A No entry in this direction for vehicles;tilt:B No parking No parking zone No parking zone;tilt:C No parking;tilt:B No through road for vehicles on right (Advanced warning) No through road for vehicles;dirt:B No vehicles One-way street One-way street;tilt:A One-way street;tilt:B One-way street;tilt:C One-way street;tilt:D One-way street;twist:D Others Parking Parking area;tilt:B Parking for disabled drivers;tilt:B; Parking for immediate loading/unloading Parking for immediate loading/unloading;tilt:C Parking for permit-holders only;tilt:A Parking zone Parking zone;tilt:B;sticker:A Pass on either side;dirt:C Path for cycles and mopeds Pedal cycles and mopeds excepted;dirt:B Pedal cycles and mopeds excepted;tilt:A Pedal cycles and mopeds excepted;tilt:C Pedal cycles and mopeds excepted;tilt:D Pedal cycles excepted;tilt:B Pedal cycles excepted;twist:B Pedestrian crossing;tilt:A Pedestrian crossing;tilt:B Pedestrian crossing;tilt:C Pedestrians Pedestrians may cross the road Pedestrians may cross the road;tilt:B Pet dog allowed Priority from left side Priority from right side Priority road Road bump ahead Road works Road works ahead;paint:C Road works ahead;tilt:A Road works ahead;tilt:B Roundabout Roundabout;tilt:B Route for pedal cycles only;tilt:A Route for pedal cycles only;tilt:B Speed limit (30km/h) Speed limit (30km/h);tilt:B Speed limit (50km/h) Start 30km/h zone TBD TBD;tilt:A TBD;tilt:B TBD;tilt:C Unknown Unknown;tilt:B Unknown;tilt:C Yield parking area;tilt:A

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