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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Maritime Traffic Monitoring: The vesselDetection model can be used for real-time monitoring of maritime traffic in harbors, ports, and coastal areas, detecting different types and conditions of vessels to facilitate navigation and coordination for authorities.

  2. Search and Rescue Operations: The model can improve search and rescue efforts by identifying different classes of vessels in challenging conditions, such as blurry or foggy scenarios, helping authorities focus their resources on vessels in distress or those in need of assistance.

  3. Environmental Applications: By identifying commercial cargo and fishing vessels, the model can be used for monitoring and enforcing marine protected areas or observing fishing activities, helping to combat illegal fishing practices and promote sustainable fisheries management.

  4. Port and Harbor Management: vesselDetection can be integrated into port and harbor surveillance systems, improving the performance of activity identification, monitoring of loading and unloading activities, and ensuring appropriate docking of various vessel types.

  5. Coastal Security and Surveillance: The model can be used for detecting and tracking vessels involved in illegal activities or unauthorized entry into restricted coastal areas, assisting authorities in maintaining coastal security and ensuring the safety of maritime activities.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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\, boat, cargo, cargo/blurry, commercial cargo, commercial cargo/backlit, commercial cargo/blurry, commercial cargo/foggy, commercial cargo/overlap, commercial large fishing, commercial large fishing/blurry, commercial large passenger, commercial large passenger/blurry, commercial small, commercial small/backlit, commercial small/blurry, commercial small/passenger, commercial small/passenger/blurry, non-commercial large, non-commercial large-blurry, non-commercial large/backlit, non-commercial large/blurry, non-commercial large/bumper, non-commercial large/foggy, non-commercial medium, non-commercial medium/backlit, non-commercial medium/blurry, non-commercial sailing, non-commercial sailing-blurry, non-commercial sailing/backlit, non-commercial sailing/blurry, non-commercial sailing/distant, non-commercial sailing/foggy, non-commercial sailing/overlap, non-commercial small, non-commercial small/backlit, non-commercial small/blurry, non-commercial small/dinghy, non-commercial small/dinghy/blurry, non-commercial small/distant, non-commercial small/human powered, non-commercial small/human powered/blurry, other, other-blurry, other/backlit, other/blurry, other/human powered, other/tow, other/tow/, other/tow/blurry, other/tow/foggy, tug, tug/backlit, tug/blurry, tug/tow/foggy, unknown, unknown-blurry, unknown/backlit, unknown/blurry, unknown/distant

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