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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Nutrition Tracker: Based on images of food items clicked or uploaded by users, the model can estimate the nutritional content and provide diet plans or advice.

  2. Automated Restaurant Ordering: The model can be used in a visual-based food ordering system where patrons can simply point their camera at food items on the menu to understand what the dish is, its ingredients etc.

  3. Recipe Recommendation System: The model can identify food classes and suggest relevant recipes to users wishing to recreate certain dishes at home.

  4. Food Quality Control: In the food and beverage industry, companies can integrate the model into their quality control process to ensure consistency of food products or dishes.

  5. Supermarket Self-checkout Systems: The computer vision model can be used at supermarket self-checkout lanes. Customers just need to place the food items in front of a camera, and the system will recognize and automatically ring up the items.

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