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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Personalized Recipe Recommendations: Use the "150food" model to recognize individual dishes in photos posted by users on social media or uploaded through a dedicated food app. By gathering information about users' dietary preferences or common meal choices, the app could recommend tailored recipes or meal plans based on their favorite cuisines, food types, or dietary restrictions.

  2. Restaurant Menu Curation: The 150food computer vision model could be applied to restaurant's social media accounts or customer-submitted images to help identify popular dishes for a specific cuisine or regional specialty. This information can then allow restaurant owners or chefs to create curated menus with customer favorites, seasonal ingredients, or new dishes inspired by similar ingredients and cooking techniques.

  3. Smart Grocery Shopping: Implement the 150food model in a grocery shopping app to assist users in identifying unique ingredients or items related to specific food classes or cuisines. By taking photos of ingredients and uploading them to the app, users can be guided to recipes that use those ingredients or suggested alternative dishes inspired by their ingredient selection.

  4. Food Waste Management: Leverage the 150food computer vision model in combination with a food inventory tracking app to help users identify the contents in their refrigerator or pantry. The app can provide suggestions on meals to prepare with the available food items to reduce food waste and assist with grocery planning based on users' consumption habits and preferences.

  5. Culinary Education: Integrate the 150food model into an e-learning platform, virtual cooking class, or a language learning app focused on culinary terms. By providing real-time feedback and identification of dishes, users can easily learn the names, ingredients, and cooking techniques of various food classes or regional specialties, helping them develop their culinary skills and knowledge.

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