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Number Platers and Charaters Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Parking Management System: Integrating the model with CCTV cameras in public and private parking areas to automatically detect and log number plates. This aids in monitoring parking time, billing, security, and identifying unauthorized vehicles.

  2. Traffic Management and Law Enforcement: Used in monitoring traffic and identifying vehicles violating rules. The model could help identify and track the license number of speeding vehicles, illegal parking, or those involved in a hit and run.

  3. Toll Booth Automation: Implementing the model at toll booths for automatic toll collection from vehicles by identifying their number plate, reducing the need for manual intervention and long waiting times.

  4. Security and Surveillance: The model could be used in residential and commercial areas' security to monitor vehicles' entry and exit. It can aid in identifying any suspicious activity or unauthorized intrusion.

  5. Vehicle Theft Detection: Can be used by law enforcement agencies to identify stolen vehicles by scanning large amounts of traffic using CCTV footage and cross-checking it with the database of stolen vehicles.

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