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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Cone Detection in Safety Training: This model can be used in creating safety training simulations. It can identify different colored cones to guide users' actions in virtual training environments, such as hazard awareness and protocol compliance.

  2. Urban Planning and Civil Engineering: For urban planning or civil engineering projects, the model can analyze video feeds or images to identify and analyze the placement of cones in construction sites, creating a safer workspace by ensuring that the cones are placed correctly.

  3. Autonomous Vehicles Training: In autonomous or self-driving car training, this model can help the car to recognize various types of cones and respond accordingly. This can be particularly useful in situations where these cones are used for directing traffic or indicating roadblocks.

  4. Ice Cream Cone Identification: In retail or food industry applications, this model can be used to automate the process of identifying the color and type of ice cream cones, improving service speed and accuracy.

  5. Augmented Reality Games: In gaming applications, the model can be used to play augmented reality games that require the identification of real-world cones. For instance, a game might involve virtual interaction with different colored cones.

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