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Dobble Cards Object Detection

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe Aravind Ellapu Dobble Cards Object Detection

Dobble Cards Object Detection Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Educational Games: Use the Dobble Cards Object Detection model to develop interactive and educational games for children, helping them learn and recognize different symbols through the objects detected in the game.

  2. Augmented Reality Experience: Create an AR-based scavenger hunt using a mobile app that scans the environment and helps users locate the hidden Dobble card symbols in real-world settings, adding an interactive and engaging element for events or team-building activities.

  3. Accessibility Aid: Develop an assistive tool for visually impaired individuals that can recognize and describe the symbols on Dobble cards through an auditory interface, enabling them to participate in activities and games that involve these cards.

  4. Content and Asset Management: Use the model to automatically categorize and tag image-based assets in digital libraries or content management systems, speeding up the search process for users looking for specific symbols or objects.

  5. Extending Dobble Game Variations: Employ the model to create new variations or expansion packs for the Dobble game, introducing new symbols or modifying the game mechanics, providing players with fresh challenges and experiences.

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Baby bottle Bomb Cactus Candle Carrot Cheese Chess Knight Clock Dinosaur Dog Dolphin Exclamation point Fire Four leaf clover Ghost Green Splats Heart Igloo Key Light bulb Moon No Entry Sign Orange Scarecrow man Pencil Purple Cat Scissors Snowflake Snowman Spider Web Sun Target Taxi car Tortoise Treble clef Tree Water drip Yin Yin and Yang Zebra eye

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