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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Beach Cleanup Initiatives: Aquabot can be used in beach cleanup drives to detect areas with high concentrations of plastic waste. This can make the process of cleanup more efficient and effective by focusing on areas that need it the most.

  2. Waste Management Companies: The model could be employed by waste management companies to identify and segregate different types of trash for proper disposal and recycling.

  3. Marine Conservation Efforts: Aquabot can help conservation organizations target areas in the ocean where trash, especially plastic, accumulates. This will assist in protecting marine life and maintaining the cleanliness of our oceans.

  4. Public Awareness Campaigns: The computer vision model can be used to generate before and after images to raise awareness about the impact of effective waste management and the stark contrast it can make in our environment.

  5. Smart City Initiatives: Urban authorities can use Aquabot to monitor the cleanliness of public areas. It can help identify and address problematic areas with an excess of trash, improving the living conditions in these areas.

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