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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Postal Services Efficiency: Automate the process of sorting and damage assessment in post offices by identifying each parcel, box, or package, distinguishing between damaged or broken ones, and sorting them accordingly.

  2. Luggage Handling in Airports: Enhance security and efficiency at airports by identifying unattended or suspicious luggage, monitoring luggage handling for potential damages, and automating the luggage transportation system.

  3. Smart Surveillance System: Implement intelligent surveillance in public areas like parks, bus stations, or shopping malls to identify and track objects like suitcases, bags, and parcels for theft prevention and unattended package detection.

  4. E-commerce Warehouse Automation: Improve packaging and shipping efficiency in warehouses by automatically identifying, sorting, and tracking packages based on their class. Damaged packages can also be identified and replaced timely.

  5. Delivery and Freight Services: Enhance tracking and delivery of goods in delivery trucks and commercial vehicles. The model can identify and monitor the condition of parcels during transit, ensuring safe and efficient deliveries.

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