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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Brand Monitoring: This computer vision model could be employed by businesses to perform image-based brand monitoring across the internet. The ability to identify logos and text could benefit the detection of unauthorized use of the brand logos, copyright infringement, or identification of user-generated content related to the brand.

  2. Cultural Analysis: The model could be used for analyzing pictures in digital magazines, blog posts, or social media to study trends in traditional clothing worldwide. By identifying different types of traditional clothing, researchers can gain insights into global culture trends and societal influences.

  3. Augmented Reality Applications: The computer vision model could be used in AR apps to provide contextual information about different objects. For example, if a user points their mobile camera at a scene, the app could recognize and provide information on brand logos and text in the scene.

  4. Image-based Search Engine: It can be utilized to create a search engine that works based on images. By identifying logos and text in queried images, the search engine can return more accurate and visual-related results.

  5. Intellectual Property Protection: Law enforcement agencies or copyright protection organizations could use this model in flagging potential violations. It could identify illegal uses of protected logos and text across various online platforms.

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