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Marble Images Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Marble Sorting Machine: Utilize the "Marble Images" model to develop an automated marble sorting machine that separates red and white marbles efficiently for manufacturing, quality control or packaging purposes.

  2. Marble Game App: Develop an interactive, educational gaming application that challenges users to identify and select red and white marbles from complex images, with the "Marble Images" model powering the scoring and game mechanics.

  3. Assisted Vision for Colorblind Individuals: Implement the "Marble Images" model into an augmented reality application that helps colorblind users distinguish between red and white marbles, particularly when the marbles are used for games or as design elements.

  4. Art and Design Analysis: Use the "Marble Images" model to analyze artwork and design elements involving red and white spherical objects, such as paintings with optical illusions or 3D renderings, providing insights on color distribution and design strategies.

  5. Real-time Sports Monitoring: Integrate the "Marble Images" model into real-time sports analytics software, such as for Bocce, Snooker or Pool, to identify and track red and white balls' movements, supporting referees in making informed decisions in-game.

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