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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Healthcare Diagnostics: The 'pupil_detection' model could be used in medical diagnostics to identify various health conditions indicated by changes in pupil size, such as neurological conditions or damage, drug use, or certain ocular diseases.

  2. Gaze Tracking Systems: In human-computer interaction, the model can be applied for gaze tracking, which could be of immense help in applications like interactive gaming, assistive devices for persons with disabilities, or even in high-precision work environments like surgery.

  3. Driver Monitoring Systems: In vehicle safety technology, 'pupil_detection' could provide critical insights into a driver's alertness level. Drowsiness or distraction can be detected by observing pupil size, promoting safer driving conditions.

  4. Eye Tracking in Psychological Research: Eye-tracking studies, including pupil dilation measurements, are a mainstay in psychological and cognitive research where this model could be used to provide valuable insights into human thought, emotion, and decision-making processes.

  5. Lie Detection: Some advanced lie detection systems use pupillometry (measuring changes in pupil size) as an additional metric, using the premise that a person's pupils generally dilate when they're deceptive. The 'pupil_detection' model could be valuable in such applications.

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