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FoodDetection_21 Computer Vision Project


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Object Detection



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Apple Artichoke Asparagus Bagel Baked goods Banana Beer Bell pepper Bottle Bread Broccoli Burrito Cabbage Cake Cantaloupe Carrot Cheese Cocktail Coconut Coffee Common fig Cookie Crab Croissant Cucumber Dessert Doughnut Drink Egg Fish Food French fries Fruit Grape Grapefruit Guacamole Hamburger Hot dog Ice cream Juice Lemon Lobster Mango Milk Muffin Mushroom Orange Oyster Pancake Pasta Pastry Peach Pear Pineapple Pizza Pomegranate Popcorn Potato Pretzel Pumpkin Radish Salad Sandwich Seafood Shellfish Shrimp Snack Squid Strawberry Submarine sandwich Sushi Taco Tart Tea Tin can Tomato Vegetable Waffle Watermelon Wine Zucchini