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Object Detection




Arctonyx collaris Bambusicola thoracica Bambusicola_thoracica Canis lupus familiaris Capricornis milneedwardsii Capricornis sumatraensis Capricornis_sumatraensis Cervus nippon Cervus_Nippon Cervus_nippon Chicken Dendrocitta_formosae Dog Elaphodus_cephalophus Emberiza_cioides Emberiza_tristrami Erinaceus_amurensis Fringilla_montifringilla Garrulax canorus Garrulax pectoralis Garrulax poecilorhynchus Garrulax_berthemyi Garrulax_canorus Garrulax_pectoralis Garrulus glandarius Garrulus_glandarius Human Lepus sinensis Lepus_sinensis Lophura nycthemera Lophura_nycthemera Maeaca_mulatta Melogale_moschata Mouse Muntiacus crinifrons Muntiacus reeves Muntiacus reevesi Muntiacus_crinifrons Muntiacus_reevesi Muntiaeus_crinifrons Mustela_sibirica Myiophoneus_caeruleus Myophonus caeruleus Naemorhedus_goral Paguma larvata Paguma_larvata Paradoxornis_webbianus Parus_minor Picus_canus Pomatorhinus_erythrocnemis Pomatorhinus_ruficollis Prionailurus bengalensis Prionailurus_bengalensis Psittiparus_gularis Pucrasia macrolopha Pucrasia_macrolopha Sciuridae Sciurus Silver Pheasant Silver Pheasant(雌) Squirrel Streptopelia orientalis Streptopelia_orientalis Sus scrofa Sus_scrofa_chirodontus Syrmaticus ellioti Syrmaticus_ellioti Turdus_hortulorum Urocissa_erythrorhyncha Zoothera dauma Zoothera sibirica Zoothera_dauma Zosterops japonicus cat deer guozili huangyou rabbit 刺猬 勺鸡 华南兔 大山雀 山斑鸠 斑鸠 松鸦 果子狸 梅花鹿 棕噪鹊 棕噪鹛 棕榈雀 灰头绿啄木鸟 灰胸竹鸡 燕雀 狗 猕猴 白眉鹀 白鹇 紫啸鸫 豹猫 黄鼬 黑领噪鹛

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