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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Tobacco quality control: Applying the "Cigarette" computer vision model in factories to ensure consistent branding of packaging and visual identification of various cigarette types (白沙, 红双喜, 利群(红), 玉溪, 黄鹤楼, 利群(黄), 贵烟, 芙蓉王, 云烟(红), 1575) during the production process.

  2. Retail inventory management: Assisting store owners to keep track of various cigarette brands accurately by continuously monitoring and updating inventory levels through visual identification, streamlining the process of product identification and inventory management.

  3. Anti-counterfeit efforts: Scanning cigarette packages in the supply chain to identify inconsistencies or variations in packaging of popular brands, helping to pinpoint and combat counterfeit products, thus ensuring consumer safety and protection of brand reputation.

  4. Age-restricted product compliance: Integrating the "Cigarette" computer vision model with surveillance systems, especially at self-checkout counters, to flag when an underage customer is attempting to purchase cigarettes, ensuring compliance with age-restricted sales regulations.

  5. Tobacco tax enforcement: Assisting customs and border security officials in detecting different types of cigarette brands being smuggled across borders, by identifying the specific brands (白沙, 红双喜, 利群(红), 玉溪, 黄鹤楼, 利群(黄), 贵烟, 芙蓉王, 云烟(红), 1575), quantities and tax-related implications, and effectively combating tax evasion related to tobacco products.

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1575 云烟(红) 利群(红) 利群(黄) 玉溪 白沙 红双喜 芙蓉王 贵烟 黄鹤楼

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