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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Grocery Store Inventory Management: SWUN_2 can be used to monitor and manage the inventory of a grocery store. By identifying popular items like bottled drinks, canned drinks, fruits, and snacks, store owners can optimize stock levels and ensure the availability of high-demand products.

  2. Nutritional Tracking and Meal Planning: SWUN_2 can be integrated into nutrition and health apps to help users track their food intake and create personalized meal plans. By identifying the food items in their meals, the computer vision model can provide users with accurate nutritional information and recommend healthier food alternatives.

  3. Waste Management and Recycling: SWUN_2 can be used in waste management systems to identify and sort recyclable items, such as bottles, cans, paper, and roll paper, for proper disposal. This can help in reducing the environmental impact of waste and supporting a more sustainable future.

  4. Context-Aware Interactive Cooking Assistance: SWUN_2 can be integrated into a smart kitchen appliance to provide context-aware cooking assistance. By analyzing the food items present in the kitchen or on the table, the computer vision model can recommend recipes or cooking tips based on the available ingredients and user preferences.

  5. Supply Chain Optimization for Food Manufacturers: SWUN_2 can help food manufacturers and distributors monitor and optimize their supply chain by identifying the most popular products in the market. This will enable them to strategically allocate resources and efficiently manage their production, distribution, and marketing efforts.

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