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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Road Maintenance Prioritization: Government agencies and transportation departments can use the "Pavement Distresses" model to effectively identify and prioritize road repairs based on the severity and location of various pavement issues such as potholes, cracks, and patches.

  2. Infrastructure Assessment: Urban planners and engineers can use the model to analyze the overall quality of city road infrastructure, making data-driven decisions on the allocation of resources for maintenance and improvement projects.

  3. Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: Integrating the "Pavement Distresses" model with autonomous vehicle systems can improve the vehicle's ability to navigate and respond to road conditions, making a safer and smoother ride for passengers and avoiding potential damage to the vehicle.

  4. Traffic Flow Optimization: By identifying areas with severe pavement issues, the model can support traffic engineers to redesign traffic flow, create detour routes, or plan temporary fixes to minimize the negative impact on traffic and reduce road accidents caused by poor road conditions.

  5. Pothole Reporting and Tracking: Municipalities can develop a mobile app that uses the "Pavement Distresses" model to help citizens report potholes and other road issues. Users can upload a picture of the problem, and the model will automatically classify it, enabling authorities to track repair progress and allocate resources more efficiently.

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