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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Recycling Approach Augmentation: This system could be used in recycling facilities to automatize the process of sorting the different types of waste. It would automate the sorting process, leading to increased efficiency and reduced human labor.

  2. Environmental Protection Projects: Organizations working on environmental conservation could use this model to identify the concentration and types of waste dumped in different areas. This could help them develop targeted cleanup efforts and strategy.

  3. Smart Bins: Utilizing this model, a 'smart bin' system can be developed which sorts trash into appropriate sections (plastic, biodegradable, glass, metal) for users, making recycling much easier and more convenient for everyday people.

  4. Municipal Waste Management: City administrations can use the model in their waste management processing units to quickly sort through the city's waste, effectively separating recyclable materials from general waste.

  5. Educational Purpose: It can be used as a tool for teaching individuals, specifically children, about waste classification and the importance of recycling. They can interactively learn to identify and sort waste correctly.

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