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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. E-Sports Analysis: The model can be utilized to evaluate players' usage of different abilities in an esports scenario. It can analyze strategies and game plays, allowing for a more refined understanding of the competition.

  2. Game Development: Game developers can use this model to understand the popularity and utility of different abilities and game features, thus informing future game designs or balancing tweaks.

  3. Video Game Casting: Broadcasters and content creators can use this model for real-time game casting, where it can identify the abilities being used by the players and provide accurate play-by-play commentary.

  4. Training A.I. Bots: This model can be used to train A.I. bots for the game. By recognizing the abilities used by champion players, these bots can learn the most effective strategies and abilities to use in different scenarios.

  5. Player Improvement: Players can use this model to analyze their gameplay and understand their usage of different abilities. By recognizing the most and least used abilities, they can identify areas of strength and weakness in their gameplay.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

Cite This Project

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Object Detection




Astra - Cosmic Divide Astra - Gravity Well Astra - Nebula Astra - Nova Pulse Breach - Aftershock Breach - Fault Line Breach - Flashpoint Breach - Rolling Thunder Brimstone - Incendiary Brimstone - Orbital Strike Brimstone - Sky Smoke Brimstone - Stim Beacon Cypher - Cyber Cage Cypher - Neural Theft Cypher - Spycam Cypher - Trapwire Jett - Blade Storm Jett - Cloudburst Jett - Tailwind Jett - Updraft Killjoy - Alarmbot Killjoy - Lockdown Killjoy - Nanoswarm Killjoy - Turret Raze - Blast Pack Raze - Boom Bot Raze - Paint Shells Raze - Showstopper Sage - Barrier Orb Sage - Healing Orb Sage - Resurrection Sage - Slow Orb Skye - Guiding Light Skye - Regrowth Skye - Seekers Skye - Trailblazer Viper - Poison Cloud Viper - Snake Bite Viper - Toxic Screen Viper - Vipers Pit

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