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Object Detection

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Workplace Safety Compliance: The model can be used in industrial and construction settings to ensure that employees are properly using PPE kits. It can continuously monitor and alert supervisors or safety personnel when PPE kit violations occur.

  2. Education and Training: Training institutions that specialize in courses for sectors (like healthcare, construction, and manufacturing) requiring PPE kit compliance can use this model to develop interactive teaching aids. It could provide real-time feedback to learners on correctness of PPE kit use.

  3. PPE Manufacturing Quality Control: The model can assist in quality control in production units where PPE kits are manufactured. It can automatically check the quality and differentiation of various kit categories during the production process.

  4. eCommerce Retail: Online retailers selling PPE can use this model to verify product images uploaded by sellers, ensuring that the images accurately represent the PPE materials being sold.

  5. Emergency Services: The model could be used in emergency responses to detect the presence and correct use of PPE by first responders helping in crises, ensuring their safety during the operation.

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Object Detection




PPE suit, gloves, goggles, helmet, mask, safety harness, safety-boots, vest

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