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Vikrant Singh

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Object Detection




! 350 659 8696 AC Air duct Arm B Broken windshield Bulb Burning Car CARPET Car engine Car engine bay Ceiling Chair Cleaning worker Cleaning workers Dye Brush Engine Floor Floor steamer Fuse box Girl Glass container Gloves Hair Brush I Lemon Leopard Mechanic Microphone Mirror N O Pizza Plumber Remote SMITH BROTHERS Salon Spanner tool U Vacuum Vase Windshield Windshield glass Worker air vent anime guy back barber barber scissor basket beard trimmer bed bill board billboard bolt box bradawl brakes brinjal brush building car car back car battery car door car front car front open car hood car lift car lower body car rear car shell car side car window cardboard carrot cat ceiling light chair back chip board cleaner cleaning brush clouds cloudy sky comb cooktop cord couch counter top crashed car crashed car parts cupboard current meter curtain curtains cutter data centre data store diary dog door door handle drain pipe drinking glass dustbin electric device electrican electrometer exhaust duct face feet fence flag floor cleaner floor mat flower flower vase food item forest fork lift fused switch garage girl back girl curly hair girl hair glass pane golf cart golf carts grass ground guy hair hair clip hair straightener hand hands hanging tshirt hard top headlight heater home hook hose house iron jeans key ladder lady lamp laptop lavender leaf leaves legs lightning man mat metal rod metal sheet metal socket mop cloth night sky nurse oil olives onion ring open field painting palm parking lot performance chiropractic center person photo frame pillow pipe pizza slice plant plate plier pole pool pot radish railing rare view mirror rear view mirror red cherry road roof round tree painting rug safe scissor screw screwdriver scrubber shattered glass shelf shoe shower shutter sky sofa spray bottle star steel pipe switch table table pot tablet screen tail light tape television thumb tire tomato tomatoes tool pane toolbox towel transparent container tree tree stem trees truck tyre tyres valve van vintage car wall wall hanging light wall light wall painting wall socket wall tiles wash basin washing liquid washing machine water water drop water float water tap wifi router window wiper wiper blade wire wire roll wires women wooden cart wooden top wrecked car wrench

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