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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Traffic Analysis: Utilize the "ALLCAM1TO6" computer vision model to analyze traffic patterns in urban areas or highways. The model could identify various types of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and buses, enabling the extraction of useful insights about traffic volume, vehicle types, and rush-hour trends.

  2. Vehicle Classification: Implement the model in car parks or toll booths to auto-categorize vehicles, enhancing the efficiency of toll collection, space management, and security monitoring.

  3. Smart Cities: Incorporate the model into the smart city framework for maintaining traffic order and safety. It may be used to identify types of vehicles on the streets to monitor and enforce laws such as lane protocols, speed limits, and bicycle-only paths.

  4. Autonomous Vehicles: Employ the "ALLCAM1TO6" model to help autonomous vehicles differentiate between different types of vehicles on the road. Understanding the differences can help ensure better decision-making by the vehicle, significantly improving safety measures.

  5. Surveillance and Safety: Apply the model in surveillance systems near schools, hospitals, or construction sites where certain types of vehicles might have restrictions. For instance, the model can identify commercial trucks ("xe tai") entering a zone reserved for bicycles ("xe dap") or motorcycles ("xe may"), thereby preventing any potential accidents or violations.

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