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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Object Detection



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african demoiselle banded sergeant blacktip grouper blocheye soldierfish bluefish parrotfish bluespine unicornfish bluestrip snapper blunt snout gregory broadbarred firefish cardinal fish clownfish combtooth blenny common dolphinfish crimson jobfish crown squirel fish dogtooth tuna double lined fusilier double spotted queenfish dusky sweeper falseeye sergeant flame snapper flat needlefish flathead grey mullet floral wrasse ghost pipefish giant moray giant trevally goldline seabbream great barracuda greenjob fish harleyin hind hawkfish arceye honeycomb grouper jenkins whipray mauritian damsel melon butterfly fish meteor perch moorish idol natal sergeant palette surgeonfish pearly sergeant pilot fish quacker fish queen coris redmouth grouper reef stonnedfish richardson's reef damsel ruby snapper samarra squirrelfish samoan pipefish scarlet frogfish sea goldie shoemaker spinefoot sixbloth hind skipjack tuna smallspotted dart spangled emperor spotfin procupinefish swordfish tank goby thumbprint emperor tiger shark titan tigerfish tomato hind trevally bluefin unicorn sole wahoo weedy scorpionfish whale shark whitespotted boxfish yellow edged lyretail yellow fin tuna yellow golden puffer yellow stripped goatfish zebra angelfish zigzag wrasse