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Dish detection Computer Vision Project

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Object Detection




Airplane Apple Auto part Bagel Baked goods Banana Beer Bicycle Bicycle helmet Bicycle wheel Bird Boat Bottle Bowl Boy Bread Building Cake Candy Cantaloupe Car Carnivore Carrot Cat Cello Chair Cheese Chicken Chopsticks Clock Clothing Coat Cocktail Coffee Coffee cup Coffee table Coffeemaker Coin Cookie Cream Cucumber Cupboard Cutting board Dagger Dairy Product Dessert Dog Door Door handle Drawer Dress Drink Egg (Food) Elephant Fashion accessory Fast food Filing cabinet Fireplace Flashlight Flower Flowerpot Flute Food Football Footwear Fork French fries Fruit Furniture Girl Glasses Grape Grapefruit Guitar Handgun Hat Helmet Home appliance Horse House Houseplant Human arm Human beard Human body Human ear Human eye Human face Human hair Human hand Human head Human leg Human mouth Human nose Ice cream Insect Jacket Jug Juice Kettle Kitchen appliance Kitchen knife Kitchen utensil Knife Ladle Lamp Land vehicle Lantern Lemon Light bulb Lion Loveseat Magpie Mammal Man Maple Microphone Milk Mixing bowl Monkey Motorcycle Mug Necklace Office supplies Organ (Musical Instrument) Pancake Pasta Pastry Penguin Person Personal care Pineapple Pitcher (Container) Plant Plastic bag Plate Platter Radish Rose Salad Saucer Sculpture Seafood Serving tray Shelf Shellfish Shirt Shrimp Skateboard Snack Sofa bed Spatula Spider Spoon Sports equipment Sports uniform Strawberry Street light Studio couch Suit Sunglasses Sushi Sword Table Tableware Taco Tart Tea Teapot Television Tin can Tire Tomato Tool Toothbrush Toy Tree Trousers Truck Vase Vegetable Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Violin Weapon Wheel Wheelchair Window Wine Wine glass Wok Woman Wood-burning stove Zucchini

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