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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. "Marine Infrastructure Maintenance": This model could be used to monitor the conditions of undersea pipes. Automating this process can significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of maintenance operations.

  2. "Environmental Impact Assessment": Agencies can use this model to evaluate the impact of underwater pipelines on marine habitats. Insight from the model can aid in creating plans that minimize environmental disruption.

  3. "Oil and Gas Industry Applications": Companies in the oil and gas industry could use this model to detect pipe placements for monitoring pipeline integrity, thereby preventing oil spills and other disasters.

  4. "Marine Archeology": The model could assist in identifying and classifying underwater artefacts or remains of historical significance, which can often include old pipe structures.

  5. "Underwater Construction Planning": Engineers involved in designing underwater structures such as bridges, tunnels, or dams could use the model to detect existing pipes, aiding in the creation of efficient and safe construction plans.

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