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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Infrastructure Inspection: The "original_test" model can be used to identify pipe classes in complex infrastructure systems. It can help engineers analyze the type and condition of pipes in underground systems, water facilities, or oil and gas plants, improving the efficiency and safety of inspection processes.

  2. Geological Surveys: The model can be utilized during geological surveys to identify the presence of pipes amidst rocks in a natural environment. This can be valuable for water resource assessments, mineral exploration, or for identifying potential infringement on protected environments.

  3. Construction Planning: In the planning stage for large scale construction projects, this model can help in visualizing the underground pipe layout, helping in better project planning and preventing costly errors that can occur from unnoticed structures.

  4. Waste Management: It can aid in the identification and management of waste or sewage pipes in both urban and rural environments. Accurate identification can help in maintenance, prevention of blockages, and improved waste management.

  5. Archaeological Studies: The model can also be useful in archaeological studies to identify old or historical pipe infrastructure amongst rocks and other terrains. This can lead to discoveries about ancient civilizations, their water systems, or industrial processes.

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