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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Railway Safety: This computer vision model can be used to enhance railway safety by detecting and identifying different classes of trains on scheduling. An automated system can then determine if there are any irregularities or unexpected trains on the tracks based on the identified classes.

  2. Traffic and Transportation Planning: City planners and transportation authorities can use this model to better understand railway traffic patterns. By identifying different train classes, they can monitor peak times and plan infrastructure upgrades accordingly.

  3. Real-time Public Transit Information: Public transit agencies can use this model in real-time monitoring systems to provide timely and accurate information about train arrivals and departures. This can be beneficial in areas with complex railway networks.

  4. Railway Inspection and Maintenance: The model can aid in regular railway infrastructure inspections. It can be used to identify varying train classes and subsequently, predict their impact on track durability and maintenance schedules.

  5. Railway Simulation and Training: This model can be used to create realistic train traffic simulations for training purposes. For instance, train dispatchers and control room personnel can practice handling different types of trains, fostering quick and precise decision making in real-world scenarios.

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