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Object Detection

chemlab Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Laboratory Inventory Management: The ChemLab model can analyze the images captured in a scientific lab and track the usage, availability, and requirement of specific laboratory equipment by recognizing and categorizing the items.

  2. Automated Laboratory Set-up: In education and experiment simulation software, the model can automatically recognize and categorize lab equipment based on images, allowing users to set up virtual labs more efficiently.

  3. Safety Training and Compliance: Within safety trainings, the model can be used to identify if correct lab tools are used in different scenarios, or if an unexpected object is detected which might potentially cause a safety concern.

  4. Online Chemistry Learning Platforms: For chemistry e-learning applications, this computer vision model can be used as a way for students to identify and understand the appropriate use of each lab equipment.

  5. Smart Recycling: In an advanced recycling system, the model could help identifying different kinds of laboratory glassware and thus support the correct sorting for recycling purposes.

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Object Detection




beaker, bottel, bowl, bulb, buret, conical flask, container, flask, glass, glass plate, jar, knife, lime, machine, measuring cylinder, monitor, person, plate, round bottom flask, separating funnel, spirit lamp, spoon, stand, steel glass, test tube, watch glass, weighing machine

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