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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Road Infrastructure Inspection: This model can be used for automated detection of road surface defects like cracks. Countries with vast road networks or traffic management authorities could use Crack4567 for effective maintenance planning and prioritize repair tasks based on the severity and type of detected defects.

  2. Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems: Crack4567 could further enhance driver assistance systems in autonomous vehicles. By being able to identify different types of lines on the road (white dotted, yellow solid) together with recognition of potential obstacles like cars, manhole covers, garbage cans, and even people, it can aid in smoother navigation and improve safety.

  3. Urban Planning Monitoring: City planners and urban developers can use the model to monitor city maintenance needs, such as identifying damaged infrastructures like sewers or manhole covers, and prioritize repair and improvements.

  4. Smart Parking Solutions: The model can identify different classes like cars and parking bay lines, hence it can be incorporated into intelligent systems to monitor available parking spaces in real-time.

  5. Utility Management: Electric companies can leverage Crack4567 for identifying and managing electric vehicles as part of their load demand forecasting. This could support efficient power grid management and facilitate more sustainable urban transportation systems.

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Semantic Segmentation




Car, Electric vehicle, Manhole cover, White dotted line, Yellow solid line, car, crack, garbage can, person, sewer

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