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Botanical plant detection Computer Vision Project

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This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.


This project has a YOLOv8 model checkpoint available for inference with Roboflow Deploy. YOLOv8 is a new state-of-the-art real-time object detection model.


This project has a YOLOv5 model checkpoint available for inference with Roboflow Deploy. YOLOv5 is a proven and tested, production ready, state-of-the-art real-time object detection model.

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Aloe-vera, Althaea-Rosea-Hollyhock-, Anglica-Gigas-korean-roots, Anti aging part of Brassica- Flowers, Anti-aging part of camellia-sinensis: LEAVES, Aronia-Melanocarpa-Black-Chokeberry-, Artemisia-Capillaris-Seepweed-, Astragalus-Membranaceus-Astragalus-, Azalea-Rhododendron-yedoense-f.-poukhanense-H.-Le-v.-M.-Sugim., Brassica Napus, Camellia-Sinensis-Green-Tea-, Camellia-japonica, Carpinus-tschonoskii-Maxim., Castanea-Crenata-Japanese-Chestnut-, Cinnamomum-Cassia-Cinnamon-, Citrus-Unshiu-Jeju-Hallabong-, Dioscorea-Opposita-Chinese-Yam-, Diospyros-kaki-Thunb, Equisetum-Arvense-Horsetail, Eucommia-ulmoides-Oliv, Ficus-Carica-Fig-, Ginkgo-biloba, Glycine-Max-Soybean-, Hippophae-Rhamnoides-Sea-Buckthorn-, Houttuynia-cordata, Lonicera-Japonica-Japanese-Honeysuckle-, Morus-Bombycis-Mulberry-, Panax-Ginseng, Pinus-Densiflora-Japanese-Red-Pine-, Polygonum-Multiflorum-Fo-Ti-, Prunus-Mume-Korean-Apricot-, Rosa-Rugosa-Beach-Rose-, Rosemary-Rosmarinus-officinalis, Rubus-Fruticosus-Bramble-, Rubus-coreanus-Bokbunja-, Sanguisorba-Officinalis-Great-Burnet, Sasa-Quelpaertensis-Jeju-Bamboo-, Schisandra-Chinensis, Silybum-Marianum-Milk-Thistle-, Torreya-nucifera-L.-Siebold-Zucc., VACCINIUM CORYMBOSUM(BLUEBERRY), Vaccinium-Vitis-Idaea-Lingonberry-, Viburnum-dilatatum-Thunb, Yoshino-cherry-tree-Prunus-yedoensis-Matsum., anti-aging part Blueberry: Blueberry Extract, anti-aging part of Aloe: Gel Extract, anti-aging part of Althaea-Rosea-Hollyhock: Root, anti-aging part of Anglica-gigas: roots, anti-aging part of Aronia-Melanocarpa-Black-Chokeberry- Berries, anti-aging part of Artemisia-Princeps: Leaves, anti-aging part of Artemisia: Aerial Parts, anti-aging part of Astragalus: Root extract, anti-aging part of Azalea-Rhododendron: Flowers, anti-aging part of Carpinus-tschonoskii-Maxim: leaves, anti-aging part of Castanea: Chestnut Extract, anti-aging part of Chaenomeless: Fruits, anti-aging part of Dioscorea: Root, anti-aging part of Diospyros-kaki-Thunb: Leaves, anti-aging part of Equisetum- Aerial parts, anti-aging part of Eucommia-ulmoides-Oliv: Leaves, anti-aging part of Ginkgo-biloba: Leaves, anti-aging part of Hippophae-Rhamnoides-Sea-Buckthorn: Berries, anti-aging part of Houttuynia: Leaves, anti-aging part of Lonicera Japonica: Flowers, anti-aging part of Morus-bombycis: leaves, anti-aging part of Panax: Root, anti-aging part of Pinus-Densiflora: Bark Extract, anti-aging part of Red-clover: Flowers, anti-aging part of Rosa-Rugosa: Petals, anti-aging part of Rosemary: Leaves, anti-aging part of Rubus-coreanus-Bokbunja:Fruit, anti-aging part of Rubus: Berries, anti-aging part of Sanguisorba: Leaves, anti-aging part of Sasa: Leaves, anti-aging part of Schisandra-: Berries, anti-aging part of Torreya-nucifera-L.-Siebold-Zucc: Leaves, anti-aging part of Vaccinium_vitis: Berries, anti-aging part of Viburnum-dilatatum-Thunb: Stems/Leaves, anti-aging part of Yodeok-tree: Leaves, anti-aging part of Yoshino-cherry: Flower extract, anti-aging part of camellia-japonica: Flowers, anti-aging part of centella-asiatica: Aerial Part, anti-aging part of cinnamomum: Bark Extract, anti-aging part of dogwood-Cornus: Leaves, anti-aging part of ficus-carica-fig: Fruit Extract, anti-aging part of hallabong: Fruit Extract, anti-aging part of mountain-mint-Isodon: Leaves, anti-aging part of polygonum: Root Extract, anti-aging part of prunus: Fruit Extract, anti-aging part of soybean: Soybean Extract, anti-aging part ofcypress-Chamaecyparis: Leaves, anti-aging parts of Silybum-Marianum: Seed Extract, artemisia-princeps-mugwort-, centella-asiatica, chaenomeles-sinesis-Chinese, cypress-Chamaecyparis-obtusa-Siebold-Zucc.-Endl., dogwood-Cornus-controversa-Hemsl., mountain-mint-Isodon-inflexus-Thunb.-Kudo-, red-clover-Trifolium-pratense-L., yodeok-tree-Mallotus-japonicus-Lf-Mu-ll.

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