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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. E-commerce Inventory Management: The funcaptcha model can be used in e-commerce platforms to automatically categorize products uploaded by sellers based on the objects recognized in the product images. This can significantly improve the efficiency of inventory management and product searches.

  2. Trash Sorting App: An app that uses funcaptcha to help users sort their trash. By taking a picture of an item, the model could identify what the item is and tell the user how and where to dispose of it properly.

  3. Home Inventory Management: Users can take pictures of their belongings, and the model can identify and catalog them. This could be useful for insurance purposes, moving, or general organization.

  4. Educational Game: Developing an educational app for kids in which they can take pictures of various objects, and the app will identify what the object is, helping them learn new words and objects.

  5. Assisting Visually Impaired People: funcaptcha can be used in an app that identifies objects in the environment and provides auditory feedback to assist visually impaired users in understanding their surroundings.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Object Detection




airplane, alien, anchor, aquarium, baseball, bicycle, boat, cactus, calculator, camera, car, computer, controller, couch, crown, fan, fence, fire, fish, flower, football, glasses, guitar, helicopter, hotdog, keys, lamp, money, mushroom, padlock, pencil, printer, refridgerator, ring, rocket, rose, sandwich, scissors, shirt, shoes, shorts, snowman, socks, stapler, toaster, toilet, train, trophy, umbrella, upright, wallet, watch, watermelon

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