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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Facial Recognition Systems: The Biometry computer vision model can be used in facial recognition systems as it can identify eyes, nose, and mouth, essential components of facial identification. It can be implemented in security systems, mobile unlocking mechanisms, ATM access, or in law enforcement for suspect identification.

  2. Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: This model can be used by healthcare practitioners to aid in early diagnosis or treatment planning. With its ability to identify eyes, nose, and mouth, it could be used in detecting irregularities or abnormalities in these areas.

  3. Cosmetic Industry: The model can be utilized to create personalized recommendations for customers, such as suggesting the right cosmetic product for particular facial features. It can help companies understand their customer's facial traits better and thus create more tailored experiences.

  4. Augmented Reality Filters: In the development of AR filters for social media platforms, this model could be used to perfectly place filters on user's eyes, nose, or mouth, enhancing the overall AR experience.

  5. Linguistic Learning Tools: Considering the model can recognize Cyrillic characters, it could be used in applications designed to teach and practice the Cyrillic alphabet and languages that use this script, providing immediate feedback and corrections to learners.

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