Thanh Huy Phan

Food ingredient recognition

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe Thanh Huy Phan Food ingredient recognition

Food ingredient recognition Computer Vision Project


1423 images
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Object Detection



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\ almond apple asparagus avocado bacon banana bean bean sprout beef bell pepper blackberry blueberry bok choy bread brie cheese broccoli burger butter cabbage cake roll carrot cauliflower cheddar cheese cheese cherry chicken breast chicken wing chilli chocolate cookie corn cucumber dry grape durian egg eggplant fish g garlic ginger grape green grape green pepper guava jam kiwi lemon magarine mango mangoteen meat ball milk mint mozarella cheese mushroom mussel noodle onion orange oyster papaya parmesan cheese pasta pomegranate pork pork belly pork rib potato pumpkin raspberry rice salad salmon scallop shrimp spring onion starfruit stilton cheese strawberry sweet potato toast bread tomato tuna vegetable yogurt