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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Harvesting Systems: The computer vision model can be integrated into harvesting machinery to help in the detection and sorting of ripe fruits and vegetables in real-time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of harvests.

  2. Quality Control in Supermarkets: This model could be employed in the retail sector to enforce quality control in supermarkets. It could automatically scan and identify rotten or overripe fruits and vegetables so they can be removed from the shelves.

  3. Assisting Dietary Applications: The model could be used as a feature in a health and diet app. Users can scan their meals and the app will identify the fruits and vegetables present, assisting with tracking nutritional intake and suggesting healthier options based on what it identifies.

  4. Educational Tool: It can be used as an educational tool for children or individuals learning about different types of fruits and vegetables. Users can interactively learn by scanning specific items and receiving information about them.

  5. Research & Crop Disease Detection: The model can help detect early signs of disease in particular fruits or vegetables by scanning and classifying images of the crops. This could aid in preserving crop yields and maintaining the health of farms.

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apple apricot avocado banana bellpepper carrot cucumber eggplant figs garlic grapes kiwi lemon lime mango melon onion orange peach pear persimmon pineapple plum pomegranate radish strawberry tomato watermelon zone_ananas zone_apple zone_apricot zone_avocado zone_banana zone_beet zone_bellpepper zone_carambola zone_carrot zone_corn zone_cucumber zone_eggplant zone_figs zone_garlic zone_grape zone_guava zone_kiwi zone_lemon zone_lime zone_mango zone_melon zone_onion zone_orange zone_papaya zone_passionfruit zone_peach zone_pear zone_persimmon zone_pitaya zone_plum zone_pomegranate zone_radish zone_strawberry zone_tomato zone_watermelon zone_zucchini zucchini

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