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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agricultural Quality Control: The model can be used in agricultural settings or factories to automatically sort high-quality rice from broken ones to ensure only good quality product reaches consumers. The identification can save time and manpower previously dedicated to manual sorting.

  2. Automated Farming Systems: The "Rice_kernel_swr" model could be embedded within automated farming systems to detect and separate out broken kernels during harvesting, improving overall farm yield and efficiency.

  3. Rice Milling: Milling plants can utilize this model to assess the quality of processed rice, helping businesses in maintaining their reputation for delivering only good-quality rice to the market, and automatically removing any broken kernels prior to packaging.

  4. Food Research and Development: Researchers studying rice can use this model to easily classify images of their subjects, facilitating studies related to genetic modifications, nutrition enhancements and disease resistance in different types of rice.

  5. Education: Educational institutions can use this computer vision model for teaching purposes, demonstrating to students the practical applications of AI in agriculture and how artificial intelligence can improve food production and quality control.

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