COCO 128 Computer Vision Project

COCO 128 is a subset of 128 images of the larger COCO dataset. It reuses the training set for both validation and testing, with the purpose of proving that your training pipeline is working properly and can overfit this small dataset.

COCO 128 is a great dataset to use the first time you are testing out a new model.

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Team Roboflow

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Object Detection




aeroplane, backpack, banana, baseball bat, baseball glove, bear, bed, bench, bicycle, bird, boat, book, bottle, bowl, broccoli, bus, cake, car, carrot, cat, cell phone, chair, clock, cup, diningtable, dog, donut, elephant, fork, frisbee, giraffe, handbag, horse, hot dog, kite, knife, laptop, microwave, motorbike, mouse, orange, oven, person, pizza, pottedplant, refrigerator, remote, sandwich, scissors, sink, skateboard, skis, snowboard, sofa, spoon, sports ball, stop sign, suitcase, teddy bear, tennis racket, tie, toilet, toothbrush, traffic light, train, truck, tvmonitor, umbrella, vase, wine glass, zebra


CC BY 4.0

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