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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Use Case: Training Robots for Golf Ball Sorting Description: The SurvexGolfBall_SGIE model could be used for building a robotics application designed to sort and organize golf balls. Using the identified classes, the robot could recognize golf balls on plates (cercle, balleorange), isolate them (vide), and further sort them based on their shapes or sizes (triangle, cercle).

  2. Use Case: Automated Golf Equipment Management Description: This model could be deployed in golf stores or golf course storerooms for automatic stock management. It can automatically identify and count the number of golf balls on the shelf (Plateau, balleorange) and signal when there's need for resupply (vide).

  3. Use Case: Assisting Golf Ball Manufacturing Description: SurvexGolfBall_SGIE could be used in the manufacturing process to ensure all golf balls meet the form factor standards. This could include notifying the user of any golf balls that don't meet the correct shape (triangle, cercle).

  4. Use Case: Golf Lessons & Training Aid Description: The model could be incorporated into an app to assist with teaching or training in golf, particularly in understanding how the balls settle and separate after being putted.

  5. Use Case: Golf Ball Collector Robots Description: The model could be incorporated into autonomous robots to identify and collect golf balls on a golf course or a driving range. Especially focusing on the balls that are difficult to locate due to terrain or color (balleorange).

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Plateau, balleorange, cercle, triangle, vide

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