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Here are a few use cases for this project:

Use Case 1: Pension Fund Analysis
The "pensionlabel" model can be used by financial analysts and consultants to quickly identify and extract key pension-related data from documents when conducting pension fund analysis, investment strategies or actuarial assessments.

Use Case 2: Auditing and Compliance
The model can be leveraged by auditors when reviewing the financial statements and documents of pension funds to ensure accuracy, identify discrepancies, and deliver comprehensive audit reports.

Use Case 3: Data Entry and Management
Companies working with pension documents can utilize the "pensionlabel" model to automate the process of data extraction and entry, making it faster and more accurate to update their databases with relevant pension information.

Use Case 4: Reporting and Visualization
The extracted data can be utilized for creating responsive visualizations and generating insights about pension funds, including trends in employee and employer contributions, pension liabilities, and fund performance.

Use Case 5: Business Intelligence and Decision Making
Executives and pension fund managers can harness the power of "pensionlabel" to provide valuable insights that help inform strategic decision-making, such as optimizing pension fund allocation or adjusting pension fund assumptions based on current trends.

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administrative_expenses, assumption_changes, benefit_pay_incref, c_discount, changes_in_benefit_terms, covered_employee_payroll, discount_rate, dummy_label, employer_contribs, expected_rate_of_return, expected_vs_actual_experience, f n, fnp_boy, fnp_eoy, interest_cost, m_discount, member_contributions, net_change_in_fnp, net_change_in_tpl, net_changes_to_npl, net_inv_inc, nonemp_contributions, npl_+_1%, npl_-_1%, npl_boy, npl_cur, npl_eoy, other_impr, p_discount, plan_name, refunds, service_cost, title, tpl_boy, tpl_eoy, transfers_among_employers, unit, varitem, year

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