Overhead Plane Detector Image Dataset


This is the dataset powering http://skybot.cam, an app that captures planes flying over top of my house.

Skycam Tweet

Upon the project gaining popularity on Hacker News from the above tweet, I thought I'd share the dataset and an example model to make it easier for others to build a plane spotting app, too.

About this Project

I built a system to take photos of all of the airplanes that fly over my house. Most of these planes are passing by at more than 30,000 feet! It uses ADS-B to track where the aircraft are relative to the camera, points the camera in the right direction and snaps a photo. I then run a few serverless functions that are running to detect where the aircraft is in the image and make a thumbnail. Much of the services are hosted on Azure. There's more details on the overall project here! http://skybot.cam/about. The project is open source as a part of my work from IQT as well.

Skybot Infrastructure

About the Dataset

The dataset is of airfract that was captured as they flew overhead. It includes a mix of large and small passenger jets and an assortment of business jets. There are also a images with buildings and contrails, where there is not aircraft present.

Use Cases

This dataset should allow for a plane dectector model to be built like for plane spotting and plane detection.

About Me

I'm Luke Berndt, I work on Azure products at Microsoft. You can learn more about me here: http://lukeberndt.com/



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