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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Traffic Management: The "traffic" computer vision model can be used in intelligent traffic management to detect and categorize various traffic participants. It would help in real-time traffic control by adjusting traffic light patterns based on the density and types of vehicles on the road.

  2. Autonomous Vehicles Navigation: Self-driving cars or drones could benefit from this model by identifying and classifying different elements in their path such as other cars, people, buses, 2-wheelers, etc. This would enhance their ability for safe and efficient navigation.

  3. Pedestrian Safety: This model can be utilized in pedestrians' mobile applications to alert them about incoming vehicles such as trucks, vans, autos, buses, or 2-wheelers while they are crossing the road or walking on the pavement.

  4. Security Surveillance Systems: In commercial or residential zones, the model could assist in accurately identifying and logging vehicle types or detecting anomalies like a person in a vehicle-restricted area, potentially enhancing security measures.

  5. Retail & Marketing Research: Stores selling vehicle-related products or services might use this model to monitor the types of vehicles in their parking lots as a form of market research. This data could help them tailor their products, services, or marketing strategies accordingly.

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