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100 images
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This is the labled dataset for the 5 person, 5 ball video provided by the LPCV challenge.

Training Set has 131 unique images Validation Set has 37 unique images Test Set has 19 unique images

There are 10 classes as follows:

Person 1 (Brown shirt) Person 2 (Dark blue shirt) Person 3 (Light blue shirt) Person 4 (Pink shirt) Person 5 (White shirt)

Ball 1 (Blue) Ball 2 (Orange) Ball 3 (Purple) Ball 4 (Red) Ball 5 (Yellow)

Data_V1: First instance of the dataset, not completely labled Data_V2: Completely labled with lables such as (ball 1, person 1, etc) Data_V3: Completely labled with lables such as (ball_1, person_1, etc) Data_V4: Completely labled with only ball and person Data_V5: Same as 4 but less augmentation

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Object Detection




Ball 1, Ball 2, Ball 3, Ball 4, Ball 5, Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, Person 4, Person 5

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